Campaign 2010

Jan 21, 2014

Cantor Takes Republicans To Switzerland to Schmooze with the Rich and Elite on Taxpayer Dime

House Republican Leader Eric Cantor is jetting to Davos, Switzerland this week with fellow Republicans on the American taxpayers’ dime to hobnob and strategize with the millionaires and billionaires he and his fellow House Republicans have fought tooth and nail to protect, while doing nothing to get the job done here at home for struggling middle class families. As of next week, over 1.6 million hardworking Americans looking for work will have lost their unemployment benefits because Cantor and his Republican Congress refused to extend emergency unemployment insurance—but they can spend taxpayer money to fly to Switzerland to plan their agenda with the world’s richest elite.

“Eric Cantor could not have made the priorities of this Republican Congress any clearer if he had taken out a Super Bowl ad—while millions of Americans looking for work lose their unemployment insurance, Cantor will be spending their taxpayer dollars to jet Republicans to Davos, Switzerland to schmooze with the recipients of House Republicans’ tax breaks, the world’s wealthiest billionaires,” said Josh Schwerin of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Cantor and House Republicans have done nothing to create jobs, nothing to increase the minimum wage, and nothing to help our struggling middle class, while never missing an opportunity to protect another tax break for the wealthiest Americans—and now Cantor is jetting to the home of their Swiss bank accounts, on the taxpayer dime, to hobnob with his favorite constituency.”


Over 1.3 Million Americans Lost Unemployment Insurance on December 28, with 72,000 More Losing Insurance Each Week Since.  “Ways and Means Committee Democrats today released new estimates showing how many additional people in every state will lose their unemployment benefits each week that the federal program remains expired. On Saturday, 1.3 million people nationwide lost their federal unemployment insurance. In the first six months of 2014, an additional 1.9 million Americans will lose their coverage as they exhaust their state benefits and are unable to receive federal unemployment insurance – with 72,000 losing their benefits each week during the first half of 2014.” [Ways and Means Committee, 12/30/13]