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Sep 05, 2013

“Candidate” Hayworth Raises Money At Radical Right Wing Group Fundraiser

Tea Party Congresswoman Nan Hayworth chose an extreme right wing group’s fundraiser as the platform to launch her 2014 campaign. The radical right-wing group Maggie’s List announced today that they are hosting Hayworth’s first event as a “Candidate” for Congress in an invitation to an upcoming fundraiser in Manhattan even though just last week she refused to tell Hudson Valley voters that she was a candidate. 

Tallahassee-based Maggie's List, which was formed as the extreme right’s response to the pro-choice group Emily's List, supported Congresswoman Hayworth and other anti-choice Tea Party favorites like Michele Bachmann in 2012. Despite this support, Congresswoman Hayworth's divisive Tea Party extremism and Washington dysfunction proved too much for Hudson Valley families, who voted her out of office in November. Now Hayworth has returned to the same Florida-based Tea Party supporters to launch another campaign for Congress. 

“Tea Party Congresswoman Hayworth has refused to tell Hudson Valley voters that she's running again, but she's promising extreme right wing, radical conservative groups from Tallahassee that she is a candidate,” said Marc Brumer of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “It’s not surprising that Tea Party Congresswoman Nan Hayworth is hiding this from Hudson Valley voters, since Hayworth's Tea Party record of hurting middle class families, farmers and seniors was the reason Hudson Valley voters fired Congresswoman Hayworth in the first place, but it's time for the Congresswoman to come clean.”


Hayworth’s Political Comeback Made “Official” After she was Listed as a “Candidate for U.S. Congress” on an Invitation for a High-Dollar Fundraiser Hosted by the Right-Wing Maggie’s List. According to a YNN State of Politics Blog entry entitled, “Hayworth’s Comeback Effort Made Official,” “Former Rep. Nan Hayworth, who lost her bid for a second term against Democrat Sean Patrick Maloney last year, will be the featured guest at a Maggie’s List reception on Sept. 17 – solidifying the expectation she is mounting a comeback for her old seat. The New York Republican Party blasted out an invite to the reception at the Fifth Avenue residence of GOP fundraiser Georgette Mosbacher with tickets running as high as $5,000 for a ‘platinum host.’” Hayworth was listed as a “Candidate for U.S. Congress” on Fundraiser Invite. [YNN, 9/5/13; Hayworth Fundraiser Invitation, 9/5/13]

  • Fundraiser Will be Hosted at the Fifth Avenue Home of “Flashy Socialite” Georgette Mosbacher. [Associated Press, 1/24/10]

Nan Hayworth Received a 17 Percent Career Rating from Planned Parenthood. [Project Vote Smart, accessed 9/5/13]

Maggie’s List Endorsed Extreme Congresswoman Michele Bachmann in 2012. [Maggie’s List, accessed 9/5/13]