Campaign 2010

Oct 15, 2013

Brian Nestande Running for Congress to Be Part of the Problem in Washington

Sacramento insider Brian Nestande begins his public campaign kickoff for Congress today, but Californians already know that Nestande oppose reasonable solutions that help hardworking families. Assemblyman Nestande’s reckless agenda and misplaced priorities would fit right in among Washington Republicans, who have failed to work together to help create and instead shut down the government.

“Sacramento insider Brian Nestande has recklessly blocked progress in California, opposing immigration reforms that strengthen our communities and voting against higher pay for hardworking Californians,” said Matt Inzeo of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “At a time when radical Republicans in Washington are recklessly threatening our country’s economic future, the last thing we need to do is send Brian Nestande to Washington to make our problems even worse.”


Nestande Backed by the Tea Party. In 2012, the Tea Party backed Nestande in his re-election bid for the 42nd Assembly District seat. [Desert Sun, 10/02/12]

“California Tea Party Supporters Revel in Role in Government Shutdown.” “Their partisans in Washington have shut down the government and, as the debt ceiling deadline nears, have given much of the country a case of the shakes. But these are heady times for the  tea party. ‘It’s amazing how we can be completely irrelevant and shut down Congress at the same time,’ one of the movement’s early organizers, Mark Meckler, chortled at a Saturday evening gathering at the weekend state Republican party convention in Anaheim.” [Los Angeles Times, 10/06/13]

Nestande Voted Against Raising the California Minimum Wage. In September 2013, Assemblyman Brian Nestande voted against a bill that would’ve increased California’s minimum hourly wage from $8 to $10 by 2016. The San Jose Mercury News reported that “Gov. Jerry Brown has already promised to sign the bill, making California a leader in a growing movement to increase wages for the working poor spurred by protesting fast-food workers across the country.” The California Assembly approved of the measure 52-25. [AB 10, 9/12/13; San Jose Mercury News, 9/13/13]

Nestande Voted Against the California Dream Act. In 2011, Nestande voted against the California Dream Act that would allow illegal immigrants to apply for state financial aid to attend the state’s public colleges and universities. The California Assembly approved of the measure 48-27. [AB 131, 9/02/11; Los Angeles Times, 10/09/11]