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Jul 23, 2008

Brian Davis Owes the Public Answers

Minnesota Republican Brian Davis, candidate for the 1st Congressional District, owes the public some answers. This morning, the Politico ran a national story highlighting candidates who have problems paying their taxes - Brian Davis was among the few mentioned.  Dr. Davis has paid tax penalties on his house in Rochester every year from 2003 - 2007, despite contributing six figures to his own campaign coffers. Davis owes the public some answers.



"As millions of middle class families struggle to make ends meet and pay their bills on time, multi-millionaire Dr. Brian Davis can't be bothered. Despite paying his taxes late for four straight years, Davis still found the time to contribute six figures to his own campaign," said Carrie James, regional press secretary at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. "Brian Davis owes each and every family in the district some answers. The people of the first district manage to pay their bills on time and Davis manages to pay his own campaign, shouldn't he also be able to pay his bills on time?"





  • In 2008, Brian Davis loaned his campaign $124,000.  []


  • "Minnesota Republican Brian Davis, who is challenging freshman Democratic Rep. Timothy J. Walz, paid tax penalties on his house in Rochester, Minn., every year from 2003 to 2007 - a combined total of $1,237.05 in fines, fees and interest - according to Olmsted County property records." [Politico, 7/23/08]