Campaign 2010

Sep 10, 2010

Breaking: For Once, Long Island Republicans Are Right About Something

For the first time, the Republican candidates in New York’s 1st district are actually right about something: they’re all out of touch with Long Island families.  Thankfully, the Republicans proved this point over the course of their contentious primary, as their attacks have highlighted that Randy Altschuler, Chris Cox, and George Demos all have no real roots in Long Island.

“It’s difficult to say this but the Republicans are right – all of their candidates are out of touch with the best interests of Long Island families,” said Shripal Shah, Regional Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  “From Randy Altschuler to George Demos to Chris Cox, none of the Republicans have any real roots in Long Island, and we appreciate them taking the time to highlight how out of touch they are with Suffolk County.”

NY-1 Republican candidates in their own words:

Randy Altschuler on George Demos: “Demos came here from the city just to run for Congress. He doesn’t own a home here or run a business here. Demos doesn’t even pay Suffolk County property taxes.” [Altschuler Direct Mail, 9/8/10]

Randy Altschuler on Chris Cox: “Cox has never paid property taxes in Suffolk County. Doesn’t own property here. In fact, here’s his apartment where he lives in New York City. And while he’s running for Congress, Cox has been staying at his uncle’s mansion in the Hamptons.” [Altschuler Television Ad, 8/25/10]

Chris Cox on Randy Altschuler: “Mr. Altschuler's home was in New Jersey, where he spread his pro-choice money and views around in hopes of running for a Congressional seat. New Jersey Republicans said 'No Sale!'” [Politico, 8/26/10]

Chris Cox on Randy Altschuler: “Next stop, New Jersey, where Altschuler wanted to run for Congress instead of here.” [Cox Television Ad, 8/30/10]

George Demos on Randy Altschuler: “He can't defend his attempt to run for Congress in New Jersey...” [Demos Press Release, 9/1/10]