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Jul 09, 2013

Boehner’s Closed Door Republican Meeting on Immigration – In Their Own Words

“Anchor Babies.” “Criminals.” “Wetbacks.”

If those are the words Republicans say in public about immigrants, what are they saying behind closed doors?

In a private meeting with House Republicans on Wednesday, Speaker John Boehner is expected to preside over a heated – and ugly – debate about the path forward for bipartisan immigration reform. While the public isn’t welcome at the closed door meeting, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is launching an online ad campaign to provide an insider's view of the meeting – in House Republicans’ own words.


Watch Here


“No wonder Speaker Boehner is trapped in a box on comprehensive immigration reform with his members – House Republicans are listening to the Tea Party instead of Americans who want compromise,” said Emily Bittner of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “After their closed-door meeting, the question remains: Will the voices of radical House Republicans drown out the voices of Americans demanding comprehensive reform?” 

In addition to the video, last week the DCCC launched a website, which features public statements from Republicans who have taken an array of positions on immigration, whether it’s vehemently opposing reform, waffling on the issue or denigrating immigrants with incendiary and hateful rhetoric. The site also invites the public to submit Republicans’ statements to  

The quotes used in the video are taken from House Republicans’ public statements about immigration:


Congressman Don Young: “My father had a ranch; we used to have 50-60 wetbacks and pick tomatoes.” [KRBD, 3/28/13]

Congressman Mike Coffman: “The Dream Act will be a nightmare for the American people.” [Office of Mike Coffman, 12/08/10]

Congressman Joe Heck: “If you’re going to be a citizen… you should be born to at least one parent that is a U.S. citizen.” [YouTube, uploaded 2/23/12]

Congressman Buck McKeon: “We need to examine the ‘anchor baby’ policy.” [Office of Buck McKeon, accessed 4/19/13]

Congressman Gary Miller: “End birthright citizenship for anchor babies.” [Miller Official Twitter, 1/07/11]

Congressman Paul Broun: “Illegal aliens are criminals and we need to treat them as such.” [Huffington Post3/22/13]

Congressman Louie Gohmert: “We know Al Qaeda has camps over with the drug cartels on the other side of the Mexican border. We know that people are now being trained to come in and act like Hispanics when they are radical Islamists.” [CSPAN, 4/17/13]

Congressman Steve Pearce: “People who come here without documentation, if they want to be a citizen, they should go back home and get in the 20-year line.” [Albuquerque Journal, 10/10/10]

Congressman Lou Barletta: “Anyone who believes that they’re going to win over the Latino vote is grossly mistaken.” [Huffington Post1/29/13]