Campaign 2010

Jun 02, 2010

Big Ballooning Budget Brooks Wins Republican Nomination

"Career politician, big spender, part of the problem"


In a slap in the face to fiscal conservatives across North Alabama, Huntsville County Commissioner Mo Brooks won the Republican nomination in Alabama’s 5th district defeating former Democrat Parker Griffith. As a County Commissioner, Brooks touted increasing his discretionary spending budget by 20 times and reached nearly $2 million in discretionary spending. Parker Griffith has called Mo Brooks a “career politician, big spender, part of the problem.”


"Mo Brooks claims to be a fiscal conservative, but when it comes to spending he looks more like a drunken sailor," said Jesse Ferguson with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee."Brooks will undoubtedly run around throughout this campaign claiming to be a fiscal conservative, but he’s had a discretionary fund as Commissioner that increased 20 fold and was more than anyone else’s. If he tried to take that record to Washington, the only thing we could be sure of is wasteful spending and fiscal irresponsibility as far as the eye can see."


During the campaign, Representative Parker Griffith ran a television ad on Brooks saying: "[..] Almost 30 years of running for office. A commission budget that continues to get bigger while your taxes continue to go up. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money wasted on pork barrel projects. And earmarks to buy votes, including $100,000 for this boathouse.  Mo Brooks- career politician, big spender, part of the problem." [YouTube, accessed 5/31/10]


Griffith had received backing from national Republican party leadership while Brooks had received the support of local Alabama Republicans, Tea Party leaders and 2008 Republican nominee Wayne Parker.





Touted 20-fold increase in District budget. In 2008, Brooks touted his more than 20-fold increase in his district budget since taking office.  It had increased from $35,000 in 1996 to $740,000 in 2008.  Brooks touted the increase as evidence of the power of his persuasion on a Democratic majority commission.  [Huntsville Times, 5/22/08]


Biggest Budget of Any Commissioner. According to a 2009 Huntsville Times Report, Brooks' "discretionary" budget spending budget as a Huntsville Commissioner was bigger than any other Commissioner and had reached nearly $2 million. [Huntsville Times, 11/22/09]