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Apr 15, 2014

Barbara Comstock Blasted By Her Own Party

Video: Republican to Comstock: ‘You Lie!’

With less than two weeks to go until the Republican primary in Virginia’s 10th congressional district, the intra-party Republican slugfest is heating up, and Barbara Comstock is taking the heat from members of her own Republican Party. 

From ducking events to being slammed as a liar, lobbyist and career politician, this primary is turning into a race-to-the-right nightmare for Comstock: draining her resources while exposing deep fissures in the base.     

“If Republicans are to be believed, Barbara Comstock is a liar, a lobbyist and a career politician – and that’s just what they said this week,” said David Bergstein of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “This intra-party slugfest is the worst case scenario for Republicans, and Comstock is limping toward election day as a badly damaged candidate who has been unable to unify the support of even her own party.”

See for yourself:

  • Republican Stephen Hollingshead: Comstock a “Government Insider, Both a Lobbyist and a Career Politician.” “Hollingshead described her as a government insider, both a lobbyist and a career politician.” [Leesburg Today, 4/10/14]
  • Republican Howie Lind “Blasts” Comstock For Support from DC Establishment. Howie Lind released a radio ad that “blasts” Comstock’s backing by “DC Establishment Republicans like John Boehner and Eric Cantor who hate the Tea Party and support Illegal Alien Amnesty.” [Howie Lind press release, 4/08/14]
  • Republican Rob Wasinger: Comstock Lied About Reasons for Voting for Barack Obama in Presidential Primary. “The only problem with that explanation is, it's not true. In reality, Rush Limbaugh's plan was to vote for Hillary and he launched it after Virginia's primary. Comstock got both the intent and the date wrong in her cover-up to explain why she'd support one of the most liberal presidents in history. In the immortal words of Congressman Joe Wilson, Barbara, you lie!” [2014 Voter Town Hall, YouTube, uploaded 4/14/14]
  • Fairfax Free Citizen: “Tea Party Suspicious of Comstock.” “In addition to appearing to dodge opportunities to speak with Tea Party groups since declaring her candidacy, Delegate Comstock has expressed support for Medicaid expansion. [Fairfax Free Citizen, 4/09/14]
  • Washington Times Headline: Seeking U.S. House seat, GOP’s Comstock defends ‘08 Obama vote in Dem primary [Washington Times, 4/07/14]
  • Washington Post Headline: In 10th District Congressional debate, GOP candidates go after presumed frontrunner [Washington Post, 4/10/14]
  • Washington Post: Comstock Attacked as Part of “D.C. Establishment.” [Washington Post, 4/10/14]