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Mar 01, 2014

At Debate, Lobbyist Jolly Doubles Down On Social Security Privatization



Special interest Lobbyist David Jolly has spent his campaign lying to Pinellas residents and embracing “rigid ideological positions” that are out of touch with Pinellas values. So for 10 days, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is highlighting 10 reasons why Pinellas residents can’t trust special interest Lobbyist David Jolly to represent them.

Today’s reason: At last night’s debate, Lobbyist David Jolly doubled down on privatizing Social Security – a disastrous idea that would force seniors and future retirees to gamble with their retirement in the stock market.

Moderator: “Would you support partial privatization?

Jolly: “I think for the youngest generation, it is appropriate that we consider all options.”

See for yourself:


Lobbyist Jolly previously said Social Security is “not guaranteed,” “everything should be on the table, including private accounts,” and even lobbied for a radical client that supports privatizing Social Security and called the Social Security Trust Fund a “Ponzi Scheme.”

“Lobbyist David Jolly is doubling down on privatizing Social Security – balancing the budget by making Pinellas seniors and families pay more for retirement benefits they’ve earned while protecting unfair tax breaks for corporations and the ultra wealthy,” said David Bergstein of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Lobbyist David Jolly has already said Social Security is ‘not guaranteed,’ and even lobbied for a radical client who called the Social Security Trust Fund a ‘Ponzi scheme.’ Now he’s willing to jeopardize this vital program for future retirees. It’s just more proof that Pinellas residents cannot trust a lying Lobbyist like David Jolly in Congress.”

Yesterday’s reason Pinellas residents can’t trust Lobbyist Jolly is available here.


Jolly Lobbied on Social Security Reform for a Client That Supported Privatizing Social Security. “A 2009 lobbying disclosure report indicates David Jolly worked on Social Security reform on behalf of a conservative interest whose CEO expressed support for privatizing accounts.” [Tampa Bay Times, 1/22/14]

Jolly Said Social Security is “Not Guaranteed,” and That “Everything Should be On the Table, Including Private Accounts.” In 2014, Jolly said: “Social Security is not guaranteed.” The Tampa Bay Times reported that on Social Security, Jolly thought “everything should be on the table, including private accounts.”  [St. Petersburg College Candidate Forum, 2/03/13; Tampa Bay Times, 1/31/14]


Jolly Client and Benefactor Called the Social Security Trust Fund a “Ponzi Scheme” Jolly was “point man on Capitol Hill” for Jim MacDougald, founder of Free Enterprise Nation. In his book Unsustainable, MacDougald called the Social Security Trust Fund a “ponzischeme.” [Tampa Bay Times, 1/31/14; Creative Loafing, 2/12/14]