Campaign 2010

Apr 16, 2008

Ashwin Madia (MN-03) Named to DCCC’s Red to Blue Program for Open Seats

Chairman Chris Van Hollen announced today that Iraq war veteran, Ashwin Madia (MN-03) will immediately be added to the DCCC's Red to Blue program for open seats following his  endorsement by the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party last Saturday. Democratic congressional candidates running in open seats earned a spot in the competitive program by surpassing demanding fundraising goals and by skillfully showing voters that they stand for change and will represent new priorities when elected to Congress.  Madia is one of only 11 candidates in the Red to Blue program for open seats. 

“Ashwin Madia’s experience as a U.S. Marine serving in Iraq, commitment to protecting the middle class and his solution oriented approach to government makes him an ideal candidate to move our country in a new direction," said Chairman Chris Van Hollen.  "The Red to Blue Program will give Ashwin the financial and structural edge to be even more competitive this year.  Congressman Ramstad’s retirement and Ashwin Madia’s ability to unite Democrats behind his candidacy makes this suburban district a good pick up opportunity for Democrats.”

The Red to Blue program highlights top Democratic campaigns across the country, and offers them financial, communications, and strategic support.  The program introduces Democratic supporters to new, competitive candidates in order to help expand the fundraising base for these campaigns. 

Red to Blue was a proven success in the 2004 and 2006 cycles.  In 2004, the Red to Blue program raised nearly $7.5 million for 27 campaigns across the country with an average of more than $250,000 per campaign.  In 2006, the Red to Blue program raised nearly $22.6 million for 56 campaigns.  Red to Blue was also responsible for solidifying the structure of dozens of campaigns and making a real difference for Democrats across America.