Campaign 2010

Aug 06, 2013

Another Republican Congressman Quits the Broken Republican Congress

Republican Congressman Rodney Alexander of Louisiana just announced he was calling it quits and retiring from this broken Republican Congress. Alexander joins two other House Republicans – Congressman John Campbell and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann – in refusing to run for another term. Congressman Jo Bonner resigned rather than serve his full term.

“This Republican Congress has become so partisan, dysfunctional and paralyzed that even some Republicans are calling it quits,” said DCCC National Press Secretary Emily Bittner. “You know things are getting bad when Republican Congressmen who assume their seats are safe want to jump ship because their chaotic caucus can’t get the job done for the American people. Speaker Boehner’s Republican Majority is taking on water and it’s not just voters who want an end to this Republican Congress – his own members want out, too.”

Even local news reports about Alexander’s announcement cite the “brutal party politics in Washington” as a motivation for his retirement – pointing to the gridlock and obstruction that have become the hallmark of this Republican Congress.