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Jul 15, 2008

Another Day, Another Extremist Group for Republican Candidate Keith Fimian

Republican candidate Keith Fimian (VA-11) has already shown his out-of-line views on choice with his membership in Legatus and his support from Legatus founder Tom Monaghan.   Now it has been reported that Fimian attended a meeting of Virginia's extreme "Tuesday Morning Group" last week, along with Gun Owners of America executive Larry Pratt. At the meeting before Fimian spoke, Pratt reportedly called for the end of all gun licensing.


"Keith Fimian is showing that on issue after issue, from choice to protecting our communities, he is out of step with Northern Virginia voters." said Kyra Jennings, Southern Regional Press Secretary at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. "The people of Virginia's 11th District deserve an experienced public servant like Gerry Connolly, whose has shown for years that he understands the interests Northern Virginians and will provide representation in line with their priorities."




  • Fimian Attended the "Tuesday Morning Group" meeting along with Gun Owners of America executive Larry Pratt:


o       As reported on the Tuesday Morning Group's website, during their July 8th, meeting Keith Fimian briefed the group on his campaign and Larry Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America. [Tertium Quids]


  • Larry Pratt is a supporter of "the militia movement" and a former Buchanan aide who had to resign because of his ties to white supremacists


o       Larry Pratt, who was a co-chairman of Pat Buchanan's 1996 campaign, took a leave of absence after the disclosure that he had spoken at rallies held by leaders of the white supremacist and militia movements. [New York Times, 02/23/1996]


o       Head of Gun Owners of America, an extremist gun owners' group that considers the National Rifle Association far too liberal, Larry Pratt has cris-crossed the country speaking out in favor of the militia movement, a subject on which he has also written two books. [Anti-Defamation League, 11/06/1996]


  • Fimian is a Board Member of Legatus, Founded by Tom Monaghan, and is supported by Monaghan


o       Fimian is on the national Board of Directors of Legatus, a foundation for Catholic Businessmen founded by Domino's Pizza mogul Tom Monaghan.  [About Keith Fimian, access 07/15/08]


o       Monaghan and his wife have given Fimian $4,600 for his Congressional Campaign. [FEC, accessed 7/15/08]


o       In 2005, Monaghan established a town in Florida, "Ave Maria," which would be run according to Catholic doctrine. He even announced that stores in Ave Maria would not be allowed to sell contraceptive products. [Associated Press, 03/01/2006]


o       Monaghan gave $50,000 to the Michigan Committee to End State Funded Abortions according to a Domino's spokeswoman [Newsday, 8/13/89]


o       In February 2008, John McCain's presidential campaign released a list of "family issues leaders and activists" who endorsed his campaign. Fimian was described as a "pro-family advocate" on the list. [McCain press release, 2/12/08]