Campaign 2010

Aug 30, 2010

Anh ‘Joseph’ Cao (R) and Washington Republicans: Against NOLA Recovery

Today, Democrats highlighted Republican Representative Anh ‘Joseph’ Cao’s (LA-02) vote against President Obama’s Economic Recovery Act which created jobs in New Orleans and Jefferson Parish and is providing critical federal economy recovery funds to help with reconstruction. Last weekend, New Orleans and Jefferson Parish residents commemorated the 5 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. The Recovery Act included $455 million for road and bridge work, $77 million for transit projects and $72 million for clean and drinking water projects, and $53 million for state and local law enforcement, among other items for Louisiana. [Times Picayune, 2/14/2009]

This is the first in long series where Representative Cao has stood with Washington Republicans and against President Obama and the people of Louisiana’s 2nd district.

“Representative Anh ‘Joseph’ Cao and Washington Republicans tried to stand in the way of President Obama’s efforts to invest in reconstruction and recovery for New Orleans and Jefferson Parish,” said Jesse Ferguson, Southern Regional Press Secretary at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Representative Cao voted against the Economic Recovery Act, which is investing in infrastructure projects, saving and creating jobs, and helping communities affected by hurricanes in Louisiana.  Every time Joseph Cao has stood up to block President Obama’s agenda, he’s stood in the way of this district. The Recovery act is funding 22 highway and transit projects including repairing ones damaged by the hurricane, investing record funds in Orleans Parish schools and allowing police departments to rebuild after the Hurricane - none of which would happen if Cao and his Washington Republicans had their way.”

Last year, Cao’s opposition to the Economic Recovery for New Orleans led local ministers to mount an effort to have him recalled. [Times Picayune, 2/19/2009]

Background: Cao’s Record

  • Representative Joseph Cao voted against the Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Act (H.R. 1) which included funding that can be used for hurricane recovery in Louisiana.  [H.R. 1, #70, 2/13/09]
  • The Recovery Act includes 22 highway and transit projects in Orleans Parish including two of the largest road projects damaged by Hurricane Katrina – Fleur de Lis Drive and Earhart Boulevard. [Times Picayune, 12/26/2009; 1/19/2010; 8/24/2009]
  • The Recovery Act included $53 million for state and local law enforcement to hire officers and purchase equipment. That includes funds for 14 new deputies in St. Bernard Parish police department and 15 more officers in New Orleans Police Department – both departments were decimated after the Hurricane. [Times Picayune, 2/14/2009; 7/28/2009]