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Oct 08, 2013

Andy ‘Two-Faced’ Tobin Backs Shutdown that Closed the Grand Canyon, Blames Everyone Else

After backing Republicans’ government shutdown that has closed the Grand Canyon and other national parks, Andy “Two-Faced” Tobin now wants you to believe this his opponents are the ones creating this problem. Despite ample warning about the consequences of Republicans’ shutdown strategy, Two-Faced Tobin is shocked that local businesses in Arizona are being hurt.

“Andy Tobin backed the strategy that led to shutdown, and now he wants to blame the consequences on someone else,” said Matt Inzeo of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Andy Tobin’s two-faced political tactics are cynical and completely misleading, and Arizonans see right through them.”


Tobin “Trying to Pin” Closing of Grand Canyon on Kirkpatrick. “Aiming to challenge two-term Democratic Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick for northeast Arizona’s 1st Congressional District, Tobin is betting voters will direct their anger at incumbents more than the GOP. He’s also trying to pin the natural wonder’s closure on Kirkpatrick — calling her position ‘Obamacare’ vs. the Grand Canyon.” [Arizona Republic, 10/07/13]

Tobin Backs Republican Passed CR That Led to Shutdown. On October 6, 2013, Tobin said he supported the Republican passed continuing resolution demanding changes to the Affordable Care Act. “Tobin told The Arizona Republic,  ‘I don’t think (Republicans are) being extreme on this issue,’ by demanding changes to the Affordable Care Act in exchange for approving temporary government funding, despite the president’s promised veto. ‘For the Republican majority to have offered this (continuing resolution) was very appropriate.’” [Arizona Republic, 10/06/13]

Arizona Republic: “We Need a Clean Funding Bill Now.” “We need a clean funding bill now. Then we need a debate on the budget unhampered by proxy fights over ‘Obamacare.’ Most of all, we need the Republican Party to rein in the madness. Sen. John McCain tried. He called out the firebrands on the futility of turning a routine funding bill into a proxy for continuing opposition to Obamacare. But the voice of reason failed. Normally level-headed Speaker John Boehner abdicated his role as resident House parent and joined the binge-happy tea drinkers. It’s time to sober up.” [Arizona Republic, 10/01/13]