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Oct 07, 2013

Andy Tobin Backs Shutdown While Gary Kiehne and Adam Kwasman Stay Silent

For the past week, Congressional candidates Gary Kiehne and Adam Kwasman have refused to let Arizonans know whether they support the government shutdown, but apparently seven days aren’t enough time for either of them to come up with an answer. On the biggest issue facing the country today, Kiehne and Kwasman are hiding from Arizonans who are demanding a reasonable solution to this crisis.

For his part, Arizona House Speaker Andy Tobin sided with the Tea Party radicals who have been cheerleading the shutdown, telling the Arizona Republic that Republican shutdown tactics have been “very appropriate.”

“It’s hard to say which is worse – Andy Tobin backing this reckless government shutdown or candidates Gary Kiehne and Adam Kwasman refusing to say entirely where they stand,” said Matt Inzeo of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Arizonans looking for leadership and for reasonable problem-solving can skip right past Gary Kiehne, Adam Kwasman, and Andy Tobin; on the biggest challenges we face, Tobin stands with the Tea Party, while Kiehne and Kwasman stay silent.”


Tobin Calls Republican Passed CR That Led to Shutdown “Appropriate.” On October 6, 2013, Tobin said he supported the Republican passed continuing resolution demanding changes to the Affordable Care Act. “Tobin told The Arizona Republic,  ‘I don’t think (Republicans are) being extreme on this issue,’ by demanding changes to the Affordable Care Act in exchange for approving temporary government funding, despite the president’s promised veto. ‘For the Republican majority to have offered this (continuing resolution) was very appropriate.’” [Arizona Republic, 10/06/13]

Arizona Republic: “We Need the Republican Party to Rein in the Madness.” “We need a clean funding bill now. Then we need a debate on the budget unhampered by proxy fights over ‘Obamacare.’ Most of all, we need the Republican Party to rein in the madness. Sen. John McCain tried. He called out the firebrands on the futility of turning a routine funding bill into a proxy for continuing opposition to Obamacare. But the voice of reason failed. Normally level-headed Speaker John Boehner abdicated his role as resident House parent and joined the binge-happy tea drinkers. It’s time to sober up.” [Arizona Republic, 10/01/13]