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Oct 02, 2012

Andrew Roraback Still Covering Up Republican Agenda

After travelling up to New Hampshire during the primary to be seen with Mitt Romney, Republican Andrew Roraback was now too afraid to be seen with Paul Ryan during the VP nominee’s visit to Connecticut.  Roraback has openly embraced the Romney-Ryan ticket and called their plan for the economy his own, but now Roraback is hiding from Ryan in a desperate attempt to cover up his support for their Tea Party agenda.


Roraback even went so far as to admit last week that he would put all options on the table for Social Security and did not make an exception for privatization.   


“More desperation from Republican Andrew Roraback – now he’s afraid to appear with Paul Ryan even though he’s called the Romney-Ryan plan for the economy his own,” said Stephen Carter of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “After Andrew Roraback said during the primary that he would represent the Tea Party if he got to Congress, Roraback now desperately wants voters to forget.  But no matter how much he cover it up, it’s clear that Roraback has embraced the Republican plan for the economy and would join the Tea Party Republicans in this Congress.”




Roraback Called the Republican Economic Plan “Our Plan.” At a Hartford press conference following the Republican National Convention, Roraback claimed that “I think that because the economy is so central to the discussion we're having as a nation and because, I think, our plan is a much better plan than that which is being offered by the other side.” [CT-N, 8/31/12]


Roraback Said He Agreed with the Tea Party’s Fiscal Policies. In a July 2012 primary debate, Roraback told the audience, on fiscal matters, there would be many opinions that I would share with members of the Tea Party Caucus.” [Brookfield Republican Town Committee Debate, 7/30/12]


Roraback Would Look at Privatization to Solve the Social Security Crisis. Last week, Roraback admitted that he was open to all options for people currently under the age of 50. "For individuals under the age of 50, we have to look at all of the options and we need to have a discussion that's not predicated on securing partisan advantage, but that's predicated on solving a problem for all of us." [Roraback Press Conference, 9/26/12]


Roraback travelled to New Hampshire to See Romney. Roraback wrote an op-ed for the Danbury News Times, titled “Romney and history,” supporting Romney’s Presidential campaign and describing “how fortunate” he felt to be in New Hampshire “to witness” Governor Romney’s primary victory. He also described Romney as “uniquely well equipped to lead us to real and solutions and a brighter future for us all.” [Danbury News Times, 1/5/12]


Roraback Did Not Attend Paul Ryan’s Connecticut Country Club Event. Yesterday, Republican fifth congressional district candidate Andrew Roraback failed to attend his party’s Vice Presidential candidate’s event in Darien, CT citing, “scheduling conflicts.” [Associated Press, 9/30/12]