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Sep 26, 2012

Andrew Roraback Desperate to Hide Republican Agenda

Andrew Roraback is getting desperate.  At a press conference today, Roraback begged voters to ignore his past support of the Tea Party, his embrace of the Republican plan for the economy and his plan to join Washington Republicans in advancing an extreme, out of touch agenda. The truth is, Roraback openly embraced the Romney-Ryan ticket – going so far as to call their plan for the economy his own. Additionally, Roraback said he would represent the Tea Party and called himself the real conservative candidate in his primary race. Now, he hopes Connecticut voters will forget all of it.


“Andrew Roraback knows how toxic and out of touch his Washington Republican Tea Party agenda is, so he’s desperately trying to hide it,” said Stephen Carter of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Andrew Roraback said he would represent the Tea Party if he got to Congress, which means he won’t be representing Connecticut families.  Andrew Roraback has embraced the Republican plan for the economy and would clearly join the Boehner-Cantor Republicans in this Tea Party Congress.”




Roraback Called the Republican Economic Plan “Our Plan.” At a Hartford press conference following the Republican National Convention, Roraback claimed that “I think that because the economy is so central to the discussion we're having as a nation and because, I think, our plan is a much better plan than that which is being offered by the other side.” [CT-N, 8/31/12]


Roraback Said He Agreed with the Tea Party’s Fiscal Policies. In a July 2012 primary debate, Roraback told the audience, on fiscal matters, there would be many opinions that I would share with members of the Tea Party Caucus.” [Brookfield Republican Town Committee Debate, 7/30/12]


Roraback Called Himself “the real conservative” during His Divisive Republican Primary. During an August 2012 Republican primary debate, Roraback told the audience, ”I think the real conservative candidate is me” [Newtown Republican Town Committee Debate, 8/02/12]