Campaign 2010

Oct 20, 2010

Allen West Keeps Lying About Ties to Outlaws Crime Syndicate

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee spokesman Shripal Shah issued the following statement responding to Allen West’s latest round of lies and misleading attacks which attempt to distract from his long time association with an organized crime syndicate, the Outlaws motorcycle gang.

“Allen West should stop lying – the facts surrounding West’s ties to the Outlaws crime syndicate are well documented and extremely troubling.   Allen West said he would be honored to represent the Outlaws in Congress, defended them against criminal characterizations, and contributes to a magazine that promotes their behavior and denigrates women.  Allen West even said that he attended a biker rally at the explicit invitation of an Outlaws affiliate. Those are the facts, and Allen West’s past paints a disturbing picture of the kind of person he really is; his troubling association with the Outlaws is proving to South Floridians that he is the wrong person to represent them in any capacity.”


West said he would be “honored” to represent the Outlaws in Washington. NBC News and the Miami Herald obtained an exchange of e-mails between West and an unidentified supporter organizer for a ride with bikers, including members of the Outlaws and their affiliated clubs, who warned about the candidate’s involvement with the groups. While defending the Outlaws, West wrote, “Bikers are America and I would be HONORED to go Wash DC and be their American Congressional Representative.” [Miami Herald, 10/19/10; NBC News, 10/15/10]

West defended the Outlaws and said he was proud to be personally guarded by members. In an email, West defended the Outlaws and their affiliated clubs. He wrote, “Please, no more references to “criminal” because I can tell you, they have the utmost respect for me and that which I seek to achieve. I was never more amazed at how members of the Outlaws guarded me during a one hour cell phone radio interview.” [Miami Herald, 10/19/10; NBC News, 10/15/10]

The Florida Outlaws promote the Keltics motorcycle club, who West credits for inviting him to a biker rally at the center of his controversial affiliation with the Outlaws. [Florida Outlaws website; Palm Beach Post, 10/16/10]

The Florida Outlaws website promotes "Wheels on the Road," a magazine that promotes the Outlaws where West has been a long time contributor.  [Florida Outlaws website]

West is prominently featured as monthly contributor to Outlaws’ magazine. West is a monthly contributor to Wheels on the Road, a monthly motorcycle print and online magazine. The front page of the publication’s website includes a picture of West and he has his own “Wheels on the Road” email address,  [Wheels on the Road website; Miami Herald, 10/16/10]

“Wheels on the Road” promotes the Outlaws and denigrates women. Articles in “Wheels on the Road” promote violence against women and referred to women as “oral relief stations.” 

From the October 2010 issue of Wheels on the Road, “Here are some of the things I have to deal with: Chicks telling me their knees hurt. Well you are an oral relief station on Nastopia and you should be happy only when your knees hurt. No get that red lipstick on and get back to being the best oral relief station on the block.” [Wheels on the Road, 10/1/10; Wheels on the Road website]

From the October 2008 issue of Wheels on the Road, a contributor described women existing “to serve man.” He suggests that women wear “slave chokers” as accessories. [Wheels on the Road, 10/08]

From the April 2010 issue of Wheels on the Road  a contributor wrote: a 19 year old naked woman comes to his house wearing a sign that reads “If you catch me, you can have me.” He wrote, “Well before she could take a breath, I am off and running after her hot little ass. That naked little 19 year old only got 50 yards before I caught her and tackled her to the ground … Well I threw that hot little bitch over my shoulder and gave her a nice little spank on the butt, as I took her over to Club Nastopia to serve all my needs and desires for eternity. ..Me got naked 19 year old tied to brass pole!!!” [Wheels on the Road, 4/10]