Campaign 2010

Feb 03, 2014

Ahead of Debate, Pinellas Residents Can’t Trust Washington Lobbyist David Jolly

Ahead of tonight’s first debate in Florida’s 13th Congressional District,  it’s already clear that Pinellas residents can’t trust Washington Lobbyist David Jolly.

First, there’s Lobbyist Jolly’s record of not telling the truth – a record we fully expect he’ll live up to tonight. Here’s what independent newspapers and experts have said about some of Lobbyist Jolly’s more dishonest claims:

  • Lisa Rosenberg, Sunlight Foundation: "I think he's trying to make a little revisionist history here…I have never heard of anyone saying I over-complied by reporting extra issues I'm not really advocating for. This is a new one to me.”
  • Tampa Bay Times’ Daniel Ruth: “…Jolly had registered as a lobbyist for offshore oil drilling interests and a group that wants to privatize Social Security. But if Jolly is to be believed, he has carved out a unique lobbying specialty of getting hired by offshore oil drilling supporters and Social Security reformers precisely not to lobby on those issues. Is Washington not a great city of opportunity?”

Then there’s Washington Lobbyist Jolly’s record on the issues that matter to Pinellas residents, which makes it clear that seniors, veterans, women and middle class families can’t trust a Lobbyist like Jolly to work for them in Congress:

“Pinellas residents will see exactly why they can’t trust a Washington lobbyist like David Jolly who plays fast and loose with the truth,” said David Bergstein of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Lobbyist Jolly has already proven he’ll use Rick Scott-style attacks to twist the truth, but what’s even more troubling is that Lobbyist Jolly would balance our budget by protecting unfair tax breaks for his corporate clients while making seniors, veterans and middle class families pay more. In Congress, Lobbyist Jolly would do what lobbyists always do – put special interests over Pinellas and make the gridlock worse.”