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Nov 08, 2013

After Shutdown Sets Off Rep. Runyan’s Retirement – Rep. LoBiondo Wants to Come Back for More

A day after Congressman Jon Runyan got so fed up with his party’s reckless brinksmanship that he threw in the towel and said he won’t seek re-election in 2014, Congressman Frank LoBiondo says he wants to come back for more.  Even though 15 of his colleagues have jumped off the dysfunctional Republican Congress’s sinking ship and announced they will retire, Congressman LoBiondo said yesterday he will stay in for another run in 2014.

“Even though Jon Runyan and more than a dozen others saw the writing on the wall and are retiring because they can’t defend the reckless Republican Congress next fall, Congressman Frank LoBiondo wants more,” said Marc Brumer of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  “With more and more members abandoning the sinking ship every day, does Congressman LoBiondo think he can stick around and defend the irresponsible shutdown, abysmal poll numbers, and wrong priorities for the middle class?  Congressman LoBiondo isn’t just standing by the damage he and House Republicans inflicted on South Jersey’s economy – he’s running back for more.”


LoBiondo’s Campaign Manager said the Congressman is “Definitely” running in 2014. “U.S. Rep. Frank LoBiondo, of Ventnor (by Atlantic City) will run for re-election next year, a campaign aide said Wednesday […] Was he in for 2014? ‘Definitely’ came the one-word reply from LoBiondo’s campaign manager.” [Philadelphia Inquirer, 11/7/13]

LoBiondo Facing “One of His Toughest Challenges in Years.” “LoBiondo, a 20-year Congressman, is up against one of his toughest challenges in years. He’s likely to face attorney Bill Hughes Jr., whose father long held the South Jersey House seat. Democrats are taking aim at LoBiondo after seeing President Obama win his district by eight points last year.” [Philadelphia Inquirer, 11/7/13]