Campaign 2010

Jul 30, 2009

After Much Courting, State Senator John McKinney Just Says “No” to the NRCC

Talk about irony.  After spending months just saying "no" to plans for economic recovery, tax cuts, and green jobs, this morning one of the Republicans' highly-hyped recruits turned around and did the exact same to the NRCC.  It was reported today that State Senator John McKinney has decided against challenging Democratic Congressman Jim Himes (CT-04), a strong incumbent.


"McKinney's announcement is a serious body blow to the NRCC who spent months aggressively recruiting and touting his potential candidacy. But his decision only proves the obvious: Congressman Himes has strong support in his district after spending his first seven months in office working towards creating jobs, cutting taxes, and getting our economy back on track," said Shripal Shah, Northeast Regional Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  "The NRCC's recruiting failure confirms that Republicans have a way to go in the Northeast."



"McKinney won't challenge Himes in 2010." [Greenwich Times, 7/30/09]


Politico: "Republicans are close to landing Connecticut state Senate Minority Leader John McKinney to run against freshman Rep. Jim Himes"


According to a story in Politco, and highlighted on the NRCC website, the National Republican Congressional Committee was "close to landing" State Sen. John McKinney to run against Congressman Jim Himes, after Rep. Pete Sessions had met with him in Washington, DC.


According to Politico:


Republicans are close to landing Connecticut state Senate Minority Leader John McKinney to run against freshman Rep. Jim Himes (D-Conn.), providing the GOP with a top-tier challenger in a region where the party's fortunes have bottomed out.


McKinney is expected to make a final decision soon after the state legislative session ends June 3, but he has already been making moves in preparation for a campaign, according to several GOP sources.


He was in Washington last week to discuss a potential candidacy with the National Republican Congressional Committee and has talked to NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions of Texas and another prominent moderate, Rep. Michael Castle (R-Del.). [Politico, 5/21/09]


NRCC Executive Director Cited McKinney As Sign of Success


In a 2009 interview with the political site titled "NRCC Bullish About Taking Down Rookie and Sophomore Dems", NRCC Executive Director Guy Harrison touted McKinney as one of the NRCC's key "prospects" in the Northeast. [FiveThirtyEight, 6/23/09]


Headline: "National GOP Spreading Word on John McKinney for Congress"


According to a Hartford Courant article, the National Republican Congressional Committee was spreading word of a favorable editorial about State Sen. John McKinney. [Hartford Courant, 7/10/09]


CQ: Should McKinney Run, Would Be One of Few NRCC Bright Spots in NE


According to Congressional Quarterly, if State Sen. John McKinney decides to pursue a congressional campaign, it would be one of the few bright spots for the National Republican Congressional Committee in the Northeast.


According to CQ:


Should McKinney, son of longtime former 4th District Rep. Stewart McKinney (1971-87), ultimately decide to take on freshman Democrat Jim Himes - he said he'll decide in June - that would be another bright spot. But there are few others at the moment. [CQ, 5/13/09]