Campaign 2010

Jan 13, 2014

After Complaining About $174,000 Salary, Rep. Southerland Lectures Americans About Income Inequality

Congressman Steve Southerland appeared on FOX News Sunday today to lecture Americans about the problem of income inequality that he’s failed to fix – despite the fact that Congressman Southerland is complaining about his own $174,000 salary.

Even worse, Congressman Southerland is still defending his controversial amendment that “effectively killed reauthorization of the farm bill” last year – depriving north Florida farmers and families in Congressman Southerland’s own district of the economic stability and security they deserve.

“After complaining about his own $174,000 salary and torpedoing the Farm Bill, Congressman Steve Southerland is the last person who should be lecturing Americans about growing the economy for middle class families,” said David Bergstein of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Congressman Southerland’s own dysfunctional politics are responsible for the partisan gridlock in Washington that is standing in the way of tackling the challenges that matter most – like growing our economy and helping businesses create good paying jobs that Florida families need. Congressman Southerland’s blatant hypocrisy was yet another reminder that Congressman Southerland represents everything North Florida families hate about Washington.”