Campaign 2010

Apr 22, 2008

After Bloody Primary, Neither Hackett Nor Meuser are up for the Job of Congressman

Today, Republican voters of Pennsylvania’s 10th congressional district will vote on who should be their Republican nominee.  After months of negative attacks between Chris Hackett and Dan Meuser it is clear that the Republicans are going to nominate a flawed candidate who is out of touch with middle class Pennsylvania families. 


“Chris Hackett and Dan Meuser have tirelessly tried to find an issue where they can attack Chris Carney but their own records have made it all the more clear that Chris Carney is the strongest candidate for the job,” said Carrie James, Regional Press Secretary at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “They tried immigration, but both Meuser and Hackett have hired illegal immigrants. They tried fiscal responsibility, but both have blown through nearly a million dollars of their personal fortunes to further their political ambitions.  They tried business, but Meuser was fined repeatedly for negligence and Hackett was accused of embellishing his role in bringing jobs to northeast Pennsylvania.  Chris Carney is the only candidate who practices what he preaches and genuinely reflects the moderate family values in this northeast Pennsylvania district."