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Oct 08, 2008

AD WATCH: NRCC Ignores Bobby Bright’s Record to Help Big Oil Buddy


In a sad attempt to help out their Big Oil buddy, the NRCC began airing negative attacks on Bobby Bright that try to distort the facts about Bright's strong record on immigration enforcement and reform.


It is not surprising that the NRCC would stoop to this level, since they will stop at nothing to help one of the most steadfast Big Oil supporters in, Jay Love, come to Washington.  Love has been clear about his support of Big Oil over the families in his state, going against Governor Bob Riley and a bipartisan group of legislators who wanted Big Oil to pay their fair share to Alabama.


"Jay Love has made it clear that he will go against the interests of Alabama's families and vote for Big Oil no matter who tries to stop him," said Kyra Jennings, Southern Regional Press Secretary at the DCCC. "So it's no surprise that the NRCC would distort the facts about Bobby Bright's strong record to crack down on illegal immigration.  They obviously will stop up nothing to get their unwavering Big Oil Buddy, Jay Love, to Washington."




  • In the State Legislature, Jay Love opposed making oil companies like Exxon Mobile pay their fair share of taxes for oil extracted off of Alabama's coast. [Birmingham News, 3/27/08; HB 326] Love has also already received $1,750 from oil and gas companies for his election bid. [, accessed 10/08/08]


  • As Mayor of Montgomery, Bobby Bright introduced and successfully led an illegal immigration ordinance that targets businesses that knowingly hire undocumented workers. [Ordinance Number 23-2008, passed 5/20/08]


  • Governor Bob Riley said that Jay Love "put the interest of Big Oil over the people of Alabama" and called Love's vote "unconscionable." The full video of Governor Riley speaking out against Love's vote can be seen here:


  • Governor Bob Riley held a press conference showing how ExxonMobil was currently fleecing Alabama as they took in record profits, and discussed the solution that Love voted against. Riley speaking out about the Fleecing of Alabama can be seen here:


  • A bipartisan group of state legislators joined Governor Riley in support of his proposal to fix Alabama's severance tax and make Exxon Mobile pay their fair share. The bipartisan leadership press conference can be seen here: