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Sep 12, 2008

AD WATCH: Leonard Lance Plays the Blame Game—and Loses

Leonard Lance, Republican candidate for congress in New Jersey's 7th district released an ad accusing Linda Stender of raising taxes when the truth is that she has a long history of fighting for middle class families.  Leonard Lance's record however, shows the real record of big budgets and high taxes.

"Its hypocritical and misleading of Leonard Lance to point fingers at Linda Stender when his record is replete with out-of-control budgets and increased spending," said Carrie James, regional press secretary at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. "Leonard Lance's blame game is clearly a false attempt to mislead New Jersey families about Leonard Lance's record of increased government spending and decreased property tax relief."


  • New Jersey Spending Increased by 56% Under Lance's watch. [New Jersey State Budgets, F.Y. 1993-2002]
  • Lance sponsored a $17 billion state budget, a $1 billion increase from the previous year, and it included a program that was responsible for a 30 percent increase in state debt.  [Senate Democrats press release, 6/27/97; Star-Ledger, 6/27/97; A3000, Seq. 1114, 6/26/97; P.L.1997, c.131]
  • Lance introduced the largest state budget in history. [S4000, Seq. 1247, 6/26/95; P.L.1995, c.164]


  • Lance voted against debt reduction and faster property tax relief. [S2, Seq. 885, 5/24/01]