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Oct 06, 2008

AD WATCH: Diaz-Balart Continues Smears, Tries to Hide From Own Record on Economy

In Representative Mario Diaz-Balart's (FL-25) latest deceptive ad, he again makes false claims about Joe Garcia that have already failed multiple "truth tests" done by his local media.  It is clear that Diaz-Balart knows he cannot run on his own ineffective record and so is continuing his attempt to smear Joe Garcia's campaign for change.


Also, Diaz-Balart was forced to remove his initial distortions about Joe Garcia's record of service on the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) seen in his first ad, after this claim was repeatedly labeled as blatantly false.  Under Garcia's leadership as Chairman of the PSC, utility rates saw a historic decrease.


"Mario Diaz-Balart is continuing his attempts to create false ties and distortions because he can't compete with Joe Garcia's record of accomplishments for South Florida and campaign for change," said Kyra Jennings, Southern Regional Press Secretary at the DCCC.  "Because of Representative Diaz-Balart's inaction, America's economy is in peril, Florida's foreclosures have reached crisis levels, and more South Florida children are going without health care.  Since he can't run on his own record, Diaz-Balart is making up lies about Joe Garcia's, and that's just wrong."


AD WATCH: Diaz-Balart's Empty Claims, Economic Failures


FACT: Mario Diaz-Balart is repeating a known lie when his says Joe Garcia "attempt[ed] to gain favor with Enron's convicted CEO."


  • Local 10 called this accusation false.  "That is false.  Garcia says he had taken Lay's calls and many others from many parties interested in hearing positions from a potential regulator." [Local10, 9/22/08]


  • CBS4 said there was a "problem" with Diaz-Balart's argument. "Political pot watchers say connecting anyone to the disgraced Enron Corp., a poster child for financial mismanagement, is usually a big hit. But the problem in this case is that Garcia, an independent for 7 years, never wound up on a federal oversight commission, nor did he unfairly press for the job."[CBS4, 9/29/08]


FACT: Garcia refuted earlier false attack on hiking utilities rates


  • Joe Garcia served as Chairman of the PSC when they lowered utility rates.  "Florida's Public Service Commission, the state agency that oversees utilities, unanimously approved a settlement Tuesday that reduces FPL's rates - previously among the lowest in the state - by the largest amount in history." [Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 3/17/99]


FACT: Mario Diaz-Balart Has Record of Inaction and Bush Rubberstamping on the Economy


  • Mario Diaz-Balart opposed allowing shareholders to vote on executive compensation.  In 2007, Mario Diaz-Balart voted against legislation to allow shareholders of public companies to vote on a company's executive compensation plans.  [HR 1257, Vote #244, 4/20/07]


  • Mario Diaz-Balart opposed measures that protected worker benefits and held CEOs accountable.  In 2005, Mario Diaz-Balart voted against an alternative pension reform bill that would work to solve the pension crisis facing millions of American families. The alternative plan would ensure that workers and executives were equally affected by pension benefit cuts.  [HR 2830, Vote #634, 12/15/05]