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Oct 24, 2008

Ad on Pete Olsonís (TX-22) Potential Voter Fraud is On the Air

Yet again, Pete Olson just isn't shooting straight.  Despite candidate Pete Olson's (TX-22) claims, a DCCC television ad about his voter history is still running on all stations.


Mr. Olson took the extremely unusual step of going under oath and signing an affidavit in his desperate and unsuccessful attempt to knock off the air an ad educating voters about the criminal investigation a Virginia prosecutor recently opened into potential voter fraud.  But the ad is still on the air.  And Mr. Olson has yet to dispute the authenticity of records indicating that he voted in a 2003 Connecticut election while residing in Virginia.


Bottom line: tune in and learn more about Pete Olson being investigated for potential voter fraud by a Virginia prosecutor.


 "Pete Olson, thanks for making sure even more voters tune in to check out the ad about you being the subject of a criminal investigation for voter fraud back east," said Kyra Jennings, regional press secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. "Try as he might to distract from the voter fraud investigation that is ongoing, Pete Olson just can't suppress the truth that he is the subject of a criminal investigation.  After years of Tom DeLay's corruption, the last thing Texas voters need is another politician facing criminal charges."




  • Pete Olson is Under Investigation for Voter Fraud - Fairfax County, Va., prosecutor Raymond Morrogh has confirmed that his office has received the criminal vote fraud complaint filed against Texas Congressional District 22 GOP challenger Pete Olson, and is conducting an investigation into the charges.  [Fort Bend Now, 10/20/08]


  • Pete Olson Was Accused of Voter Fraud in Filed Complaint - On October 15, 2008, the Lone Star Project filed a formal complaint with Fairfax County, Virginia prosecutors asking that felony charges be filed against Olson.  The Lone State Project said it was seeking a felony criminal indictment of Olson on voter fraud charges. [Associated Press, 10/15/08; Fort Bend Now, 10/15/08]


  • Pete Olson voted in Virginia, Connecticut and then back in Virginia within a six month period in 2003:


    • Olson Voted in Fairfax County, Virginia in June 2003- According to voter history records, Olson voted in the Republican primary in Fairfax County, VA on June 10, 2003. Olson was registered to vote at his home in Annandale, VA at the time. [Voter History Report, 9/30/08]


    • Olson Voted in Newton, Connecticut in August 2003- According to voter history records, Olson voted in a special election in Newtown, CT on August 12, 2003.  Olson was registered at his parents' house in Newtown, CT, though his mailing address was listed as "Armed Forces, Newtown, CT." [Connecticut Voter Registration System]


    • Olson Voted in Fairfax County, Virginia Again in November 2003 - According to voter history records, Olson voted in the general election on November 4, 2003 in Fairfax County, VA. [Voter History, 9/30/08]