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Apr 25, 2014

A History of Congressman Grimm’s Legal Troubles

With more news coming out every few minutes, it can be tough to keep track of all of the many ethical and legal troubles dogging Congressman Michael Grimm. While the public has yet to see the contents of the expected indictment, here are some of Grimm’s past indiscretions that could be at play:

  • Rabbi’s Followers Cast Doubts on Congressman’s Fund-Raising [NY Times, 1/27/12]
  • Awaiting word on fund-raising allegations from Rep. Michael Grimm in D.C. [Staten Island Advance, 2/01/12]
  • Congressman’s Business Ties Are at Odds With Upright Image [New York Times, 2/15/12]
  • Grimm $$ controversy rooted in 2010 race [Staten Island Advance, 2/26/12]
  • Michael Grimm Urged Leniency For Fraudster [New York Daily News, 2/26/12]
  • Questions for and About Congressman Grimm [New York Times, Editorial, 2/19/12]
  • Michael Grimm’s ‘checkered business background,’ from scam-artist partner to mystery restaurant [Capital New York, 2/16/12]
  • FBI arrests pal of Rep. Michael Grimm on charges of election fraud related to donations [New York Daily News, 1/13/14]
  • F.B.I. Arrests Fund-Raiser for Congressman [New York Times, 1/13/14]
  • Justice Department Still Investigating Grimm [New York Daily News, 11/26/13]
  • Ethics panel defers to FBI on probe of NY congressman [The Hill, 11/26/13]
  • Ofer Biton, associate of Rep. Grimm, pleads guilty to visa fraud [Daily News, 8/16/13]
  • F.B.I. Arrests Fund-Raiser for Congressman [New York Times, 1/13/14]