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Jul 28, 2006

The Top Ten Photo Op Finalists

DCCC Press

Jul 28, 2006

The Top Ten Photo Op Finalists

BUSH in Washington, DC: President Bush participates in a Photo Opportunity with the Top 10 American Idol Finalists at 2:35 PM. [White House, 7/24/06]

With Bush Having a Photo Op With the American Idol Finalists, American Families are Wondering Where his Priorities Really Are

(Washington, D.C.) – Today at the White House, President Bush will hold a photo opportunity with the Top 10 American Idol finalists. American families, however, continue to wait for President Bush and his Rubber Stamp Republican Congress to act on the priorities most important to them. The truth is, the country has some very different priorities than meeting with American Idol participants.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, in an effort to provide the Republican leadership with a little guidance on what the country’s government should be focused on, released the following top ten photo ops President Bush unfortunately refuses to do:

1. Gas Prices. Why won’t the president hold a photo op with a family about to hit the road for vacation? Because gas prices have hit record highs and the Bush and Republican Congress’ answer to the problem is billions more in taxpayer funded giveaways to big oil, but nothing for those struggling with the price at the pump.

2. Military Families. President Bush’s photo op today is with American Idol finalists, not with military families because time and again, President Bush and the Republican Congress have broken their promises to the families of those who serve. Recently the Republican Congress voted against ending the Military Families Tax, which penalizes more than 50,000 members of military families.

3. Social Security. You can bet President Bush won’t be holding a photo op with future retirees since he, along with members of his administration and top members of the Republican Congress, have all said that privatizing Social Security is at the top of their agenda for 2007.

4. Prescription Drugs. President Bush isn’t interested in holding a photo op with the hundreds of thousands of seniors still struggling to afford prescription drugs since the new special interest Medicare program is confusing, expensive and little more than a payoff for pharmaceutical companies and HMOs.

5. Student Loans. The president won’t hold a photo op with the countless number of students struggling to afford college after the Republican Congress slashed $12.7 billion dollars from student aid.

6. Minimum Wage. The president and the Republican Congress won’t hold a photo op with workers because they have refused to raise the minimum wage even after nine years of stagnant wages.

7. Stem Cell Research. Last week, President Bush vetoed the stem cell bill and held a photo op in the White House, but it wasn’t with family members suffering from such diseases as juvenile diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, spinal cord injury, stroke, birth defects, multiple sclerosis, cancer or heart disease. The Republican Congress could stand up to the president and voted to override the veto, but instead refused to listen to leaders like Nancy Reagan who believes we cannot afford to waste another minute in the fight for cures.

8. The War in Iraq. President Bush is standing shoulder to shoulder with reality TV stars but refuses to come up with a strategy for victory in Iraq. Not only that, the Republican Congress has voted against accountability and oversight for the spending of billions in war and voted against benchmarks for success in Iraq.

9. Record Debt and Irresponsible Spending. President Bush won’t hold a photo op with America’s children and grandchildren. Why? Because he, along with the Republican Congress, have racked up a record $8.4 trillion debt and voted to increase the debt ceiling to $9.6 trillion.

10. Global Warming. You won’t catch President Bush holding a photo op outdoors with families concerned about the environment because he has failed to secure our energy future and even denies some of the science that explains the cause of rising temperatures and record breaking storm seasons we see year after year.