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Feb 28, 2006

DCCC Announces Red to Blue Program for Strong Candidates for Change Across the Country

DCCC Press

Feb 28, 2006

DCCC Announces Red to Blue Program for Strong Candidates for Change Across the Country

DCCC Chair Rahm Emanuel, Unveils Program to Boost Top Democratic Candidates, Names Reps. Chris Van Hollen and Debbie Wasserman Schultz as Co-Chairs of the Red to Blue Program

(Washington, D.C.) – Today, Congressman Rahm Emanuel, Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, unveiled the “Red to Blue” program – a unique program that will offer support to strong Democratic candidates across the country. In order to highlight the top Democratic candidates and help them raise campaign funds as well as provide structural support for the campaigns, the DCCC’s “Red to Blue” program will encourage candidates to emphasize their own policy proposals while assisting them with important resources that will keep them competitive as November 2006 gets closer. This will be an exclusive program that will reward the candidates and campaigns that are most skilled, not only at raising money on their own, but at getting their message across to the voters they hope to represent.

Congressman Rahm Emanuel also announced that Congressman Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) and Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) will serve as co-chairs of the Red to Blue Program at the DCCC.

“The ‘Red to Blue’ program will provide a meaningful boost to our Democratic candidates who are actively and aggressively campaigning for change,” said DCCC Chairman Rahm Emanuel. “The November 2006 election will be a critical referendum on the direction of our nation. Democratic candidates are campaigning on a message of change – change from the status quo Republican priorities that have cost American families in ways ranging from higher gas and home heating prices, to higher college tuition bills and the most expensive prescription drugs in history. The DCCC’s ‘Red to Blue’ program will give our top candidates the structural and financial edge they’ll need in order to win in November.”

Congressman Rahm Emanuel is thankful that Reps. Van Hollen and Wasserman Schultz have taken on this challenge and agreed to continue their efforts to bring more Democrats to the House of Representatives.

“I am pleased to serve as a Co-Chair of the Red to Blue Program,” said Congressman Chris Van Hollen. “This initiative is a vital part of our strategy to support strong candidates who want to get our nation moving forward again. It is a vehicle through which all Americans can contribute to change.”

“Two key components of a winning campaign are message and the resources to make sure that message is heard by your voters. The DCCC’s Red to Blue program will put the right structural and financial resources in place in campaigns across the country. Our goal is to identify the campaigns that can win and provide them with the extra resources to ensure that they do win,” said Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

The Red to Blue Program

In order to highlight top tier candidates and help them to raise additional money and supplement the campaigns’ structure, the DCCC introduced the “Red to Blue” program. Red to Blue is meant to provide successful candidates with a much needed boost in money and infrastructure early in the campaign. The help these candidates receive will be in addition to the campaign’s own fundraising and message delivery efforts.

Candidates must meet specific requirements before qualifying for the Red to Blue program. The program is designed for campaigns that prove they are capable of meeting fundraising goals and executing press events every quarter.

The Red to Blue Program will be managed by the Red to Blue Co-Chairs who will serve as the public face of the program and drive many of the fundraising, policy and message efforts. The Co-Chairs will also seek additional help from their colleagues in Congress.

Red to Blue was a proven success in 2004 and the DCCC is making key improvements to it as well as maintaining the most impactful elements of the program. In 2004, the Red to Blue program raised nearly $7.5 million for twenty seven campaigns across the country with an average of more than $250,000 per campaign. Red to Blue was also responsible for solidifying the structure of dozens of campaigns and making a real difference for Democrats across America.