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Nov 07, 2006

Emanuel Remarks on Election Night

DCCC Press

Nov 8, 2006

Emanuel Remarks on Election Night

Voters Across the Country Sent a Message That Change is Coming to Washington

Remarks of Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Rahm Emanuel on Election Night (as delivered):

It’s been said that Washington’s often the last place in America to get the news.

Well, let me tell you, tonight, the news has arrived!

From every corner of the country, the American people have sent a resounding, unmistakable message of change and a new direction for America.

We accept your votes, not as a victory for a party, but as an opportunity for our country. And we accept, humbly accept your challenge.

To clean up our broken budget and broken politics.

To promote policies that make it easier for hard-working Americans who are struggling with the costs of health care, college, prescription drugs and retirement security.

To get serious about breaking our dangerous dependence on foreign oil, and enacting the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission recommendations.

And all Americans have recognized to finally acknowledge that what we’re doing in Iraq isn’t working and we desperately need to change course.

We can do these things and we can do more if we put the long-term interests of our country ahead of a constant effort to seek political advantage. It’s time for the endless campaign to stop and the hard work of governing to begin.

And this is our pledge to you. You have given us a chance to turn this country around and we’ll give you the government that no longer lets you down.

We will do it by reaching across the partisan divide. Setting aside the bitterness of the last few years and leading America in a new direction.

That’s our commitment. And tonight, we extend a hand of cooperation to the president, our colleagues across the aisle. We will work with you when we agree. We will challenge you when we don’t. But our goal will always be the best interests of our country.

We welcome the opportunity to usher in a new era of responsibility in Washington. And there’s a lesson, I want you to hear this lesson: The American people never lose their zeal for reform, and neither can we. The old era of irresponsibility is over and the new era of real reform has just begun.

I want to just thank a few people if I can. I want to thank one person in particular. She has been a tireless campaigner, a heroic fundraiser, and she will soon make history as the first female Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. Nancy Pelosi!

There are so many others to thank, Steny Hoyer who hit the trail for every candidate. My three field captains at the DCCC – Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Rosa DeLauro, Chris Van Hollen and I want to also thank Mel Watt (Crowd: Nancy! Nancy! Nancy!…) I also want to thank , I want to thank Mell Watt and Grace Napolitano who have showed why our party is America’s future.

I want to also thank the people, like the people of my district, the North Side of Chicago who have come here from all over the world because America is a shining beacon of hope and opportunity.

Our new majority in the House, we have the opportunity to make that beacon shine even brighter by putting our differences aside and working for a stronger, more safe America. I now want to introduce somebody who has become a dear friend and somebody who showed me, every time I felt good, how to pick up the game. Senator Schumer, the great Senator from the state of New York, my friend my colleague. Chuck Schumer!