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Aug 11, 2006

Joy Padgett Failed to Crack Down on Deadbeat Dads

DCCC Press

Aug 11, 2006

Joy Padgett Failed to Crack Down on Deadbeat Dads

Ney’s Hand-Picked Candidate Joy Padgett Voted Against Cracking Down on Deadbeat Dads, Twice Among Only a Handful to Do So

Questions for Ney and Padgett:

1. When is Ney going to resign from his seat?

2. Why did Ney’s hand-picked candidate vote against cracking down on deadbeat dads?

(Washington, D.C.) –- Today, as embattled retiring Congressman Bob Ney’s hand-picked replacement, Joy Padgett, continues her bid for Ney’s seat, Ohio families deserve to know why she voted against cracking down on deadbeat dads. The bill Padgett opposed was approved 86-6, with Padgett in the minority. One of the provisions would have fined employers or anyone who failed to provide information about possible deadbeat dads. A year before in 1996, Padgett was one of only two to oppose a bill that would allow judges to impose jail sentences on deadbeat dads. Ohio families deserve better than a representative whose agenda is completely out of step with their priorities.

“The problem with Padgett isn’t just that she is Bob Ney in training it’s that her record is so horrible when it comes to cracking down on deadbeat dads,” said Bill Burton, communications director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Ney and Padgett are cut from the same cloth and whether it’s writing legislation with lobbyists or voting against Ohio families, neither belongs in Congress. It’s time for a new direction from the Ney way of doing business.”

Bob Ney continues to avoid answering questions as to not only when he will resign from Congress, but why his hand-picked choice to replace him also has a past history of writing legislation with lobbyists.

Earlier this week the DCCC called for Ney to resign while he is using his role as a member of Congress to go job hunting for a high paying gig as a Washington lobbyist. The call for his resignation came in response to news reports that House Republican Leader John Boehner threatened to withhold a lucrative career as a Washington lobbyist if Ney continued his re-election campaign and refused to step aside.

Padgett One of Only Six Who Voted Against Cracking Down on Deadbeat Dads. In 1997, Padgett voted against a bill that would have reformed Ohio’s law on child support enforcement. The bill, HB 352, was overwhelmingly approved 86-6. In 1997, child support payments in Ohio were collected by 88 separate county human services agencies. HB 352 would allow the state to contract with a collection agency or a commercial bank to obtain child support payments. The bill also requires employers to cooperate and would impose a $500 fine on anyone who conspires to file a false or incomplete report to a statewide registry on delinquents. A similar fine would be imposed for withholding information from the Division of Child Support in the Department of Human Services. “This bill absolutely serves bureaucracy,” said Padgett. “There is nothing in there that ensures that any more money will go to the children.” [Columbus Dispatch, 6/20/97]

Padgett One of Only Two to Oppose Allowing Judges to Put Deadbeat Dads in Jail. In 1996, Padgett was one of only two State House members to oppose a bill that would allow judges to impose jail sentences of three, six and ten days for anyone in contempt of court for failing to pay their child support. The bill would also allow judges to impound an offender's vehicle license plates and substitute special color-coded plates for driving. [Columbus Dispatch, 4/25/96]

According to the Washington Post: “House Majority Leader John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) met with Ney last week to urge him to step aside, reminding him that with a son in college and a daughter nearing college age, he will need money…If he lost his House seat for the party, Boehner is said to have cautioned, Ney could not expect a lucrative career on K Street to pay those tuition bills, along with the hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees piling up.” [Washington Post, 8/8/06]