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Oct 12, 2006

GOP, Way Off Course for Our Country

DCCC Press

Oct 12, 2006

GOP, Way Off Course for Our Country

(Washington, D.C.) – With less than a month to go until votes are cast, it is clearer than ever to American families that the Republican leadership has taken this country in the wrong direction. The eight Republicans below are a small sampling of how when it comes to ethics, finances and issues, Republicans are out of touch with voters in their districts , and that this November, families will choose to go in a new direction.

Ney Court Date Approaches as He Continues to Collect Taxpayer-Funded Salary. After pleading guilty to accepting bribes for legislative favors, Bob Ney will finally appear before a federal judge this Friday, October 13. Ney finally pleaded guilty on September 15th for his involvement in the influence peddling schemes of admitted felon Jack Abramoff. According to reporting by The Hill newspaper, Ney continues to collect his $165,200 yearly salary – which translates to $452.60 in taxpayer dollars per day. He is also still eligible for his pension. So far the Republican leadership in Congress has defended Ney’s decision to stay in Congress even with his court date pending and guilty plea. [The Hill, 10/11/06,]

Bob Ney’s Handpicked Candidate Joy Padgett Repeatedly Fleeces Taxpayers. Ohio Republican congressional candidate Joy Padgett, disgraced Congressman Bob Ney’s handpicked choice, has a record of fleecing Ohio taxpayers. Padgett defaulted on a $737,000 small business loan, guaranteed by the government and even failed to pay her income taxes. Now Padgett seeks a seat in Congress and a salary funded by the taxpayers she has defrauded. If elected to Congress, according to the Columbus Dispatch, Padgett’s wages would be garnished to pay her back taxes, again hurting taxpayers. [Columbus Dispatch, 9/29/06]

Despite Denials, Records Show Pombo Tied to Abramoff. Billing records from 1996 show that Pombo and Abramoff may have met, despite Pombo’s denials of ever working with the admitted felon and former Republican super-lobbyist. Abramoff’s records show that he and Pombo spoke about the Northern Mariana Islands, the government of which was an Abramoff client, either in person or by phone on two dates in 1996. Immediately following one of those meetings, Abramoff donated $500 to Pombo. According to the Stockton Record, a former Pombo staffer worked with Abramoff at that time and had at least 11 other contacts with either Pombo or his staff. [Stockton Record, 10/11/06]

  • Congressman Doolittle Also Tied to Abramoff, Records Show. Doolittle helped Abramoff with the Marianas and Abramoff hired Doolittle’s wife. Doolittle still calls Abramoff a friend and accepted $14,000 from Abramoff in his career.

North Carolina Republican Charles Taylor Uses Seat in Congress to Help Himself. According to a new report by the Wall Street Journal, Charles Taylor, a wealthy businessman and banker, was able to get millions of dollars in earmarks for his district to improve land where Taylor owns thousands of acres and where he has even developed. He got millions more for improvements to a park that sits directly in front of his flagship bank in the district. Also in the Wall Street Journal’s report, Taylor’s business partners and supporters also benefit from his earmarks, including his nephew, whose education consortium has received $30 million from Taylor’s earmarks. One of Taylor’s business partners is a former KGB officer. [Wall Street Journal, 10/11/06]

Colorado Republican Congressional Candidate Suggests Sending High School Seniors to Patrol the Border. Colorado Republican Rick O’Donnell, in a 2004 opinion piece in the Denver Post, suggested that high school seniors forgo their last semester for a mandatory draft that would include patrolling the U.S.-Mexico border. O’Donnell called 12th grade a waste of time and said that boys should undergo a “rite of passage into manhood.” These claims follow a 1994 essay by O’Donnell where he advocated “slaying” Social Security and called it “un-American.” [Rocky Mountain News, 9/2/06]

Florida Republican Congressional Candidate Vern Buchanan Repeatedly Failed to Pay Taxes and Defaulted on Loans. In 1993, Vern Buchanan failed to pay over $1.2 million in income taxes, a year after defaulting on a $250,000 loan. Buchanan is a multi-millionaire who has taken thousands in government subsidies for properties he owns outside of his home state of Florida. Buchanan’s former company went into bankruptcy after he defaulted on another multimillion dollar personal loan.

South Carolina Republican Congressional Candidate Ralph Norman Hired Illegal Immigrants. Despite airing campaign attack ads that blame incumbent Representative John Spratt, it is Ralph Norman himself who doesn’t require his contractors to hire legal workers. Blame should go on Norman who has had illegal immigrants on his job site, and the Republican leadership in Washington, who have refused to crackdown on employers who hire illegal immigrants and prosecute those who break the law. [Rock Hill Herald, 10/08/06]