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Apr 13, 2006

Countdown to Tax Day - Will Back Tax Blasdel Pay Up Like Other Ohio Families?

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Apr 13, 2006

Countdown to Tax Day – Will Back Tax Blasdel Pay Up Like Other Ohio Families?

As Tax Day Approaches, the Stakes get Higher for Chuck Blasdel Who Owes More Than $50,000 in Back Taxes

Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro:

“It’s very clear he [Blasdel] needs to pay this money quickly…He owes about $50,000 to the state.”

[The Vindicator, 4/11/06]

$54,915.87 Amount Blasdel owes the state of Ohio in back taxes

4 Days remaining until Tax Day

? How much Blasdel will pay in taxes this year

(Washington, D.C.) – As April 17th approaches, American families will be rushing to the post office, sticking stamps and licking envelopes to pay their taxes, but what about Chuck Blasdel? With $54,915.87 owed in back taxes, Ohioans are wondering how Blasdel plans to spend his tax day. Blasdel owes the taxes on two now-defunct businesses and despite listing his profession as a “financial adviser” the state attorney general filed claims against him for taxes and fees from unpaid state taxes. Blasdel’s delinquent status calls into question his judgment

“Tax Day is a stressful day for all of us, but this year Chuck Blasdel is under pressure, not just for his W-2s, but also for the tens of thousands he owes in back taxes,” said Bill Burton, communications director for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Blasdel has been delinquent on taxes in the past but maybe now that he’s running for Congress he’ll do like the rest of Ohio and pay his taxes. Ohio families deserve responsible representation in Washington and not someone who thinks he’s above the law, especially since Congress created record deficits.”

Blasdel Owes Tens of Thousands in Back Taxes, Delinquency Fees. According to the Youngstown Vindicator, Chuck Blasdel “owes $20,986.23 or $54,915.87 in estimated delinquent taxes and fees on two defunct businesses he co-owned.” The state of Ohio filed judgments against Blasdel and a spokesman for the Attorney General said that Blasdel’s two companies owe $54,915.87 in estimated delinquent taxes and fees, most of which accrued between two years because of unpaid sales tax. This comes on the heels of news that Blasdel bounced a check in attempting to pay taxes this year. [The Vindicator, 3/18/06]