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Jun 11, 2014

6 Reasons Voters Will Reject Cresent Hard

Cresent Hardy brings an embarrassing amount of baggage with him into the general election – and has proven time and again he can’t be trusted to look out for Nevadans. From opposing immigration reform to attaching himself to Cliven Bundy to opposing anti-discrimination laws, Cresent Hardy is simply too radical for Nevadans.


Here are six reasons voters will soundly reject Cresent Hardy in November:

  1. Hardy’s views on anti-discrimination laws reveal his radical agenda. “[Hardy] opposes the Employment Non-Discrimination Act because it would amount to a ‘segregation’ law.” [Huffington Post, 2/19/14]
  2. Hardy would rather stand up for racist-rancher Cliven Bundy than stand up for middle class Nevadans. In an April 2014 debate, Hardy defended Bundy in his attempts to fight the federal Bureau of Land Management. “Our county (law) enforcement is supposed to represent us as individuals… I don’t know why they aren’t stopping the federal government from being here,” Hardy said. [Las Vegas Review-Journal, 4/03/14]
  3. Hardy would shift the burden from the rich to non-rich. In June 2014, the Las Vegas Sun reported that Hardy “call[ed] for a flat tax to make doing business easier” [Las Vegas       Sun, 6/10/14]
  • According to a report by the Economic Policy Institute, lower tax rates for the wealthy under a flat tax will have to be financed by some combination of higher taxes on the middle class and larger budget deficits. A flat tax that raises the same revenues as our current tax code would shift a significant portion of the tax burden from the rich to average workers. According to Citizens for Tax Justice, under a flat tax, the fortunate few with incomes above $200,000 will see their taxes fall by an average of $53,940. [Falling Flat: The Dubious Case for a Flat Tax, Economic Policy Institute, 1/17/96]
  1. Hardy opposes bipartisan immigration reform, and its economic impact for Nevada. In February 2014, Hardy said that he would have opposed the bipartisan U.S. Senate comprehensive immigration reform. [Las Vegas Review-Journal, 2/18/14]
  • According to the American Action Network, immigration reform would create 25,666 jobs in Nevada and 15,813 jobs in Nevada’s Fourth Congressional District over the next decade. [American Action Network, 8/13/13]
  1.  Hardy would allow insurance company to return to abusive practices like dropping coverage when people get sick, denying coverage for pre-existing conditions and raising rates without accountability. In January 2014, Hardy said in an interview that he supports the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. “Obamacare… I still definitely think it needs to be repealed... I think it’s going to be devastating to this nation before it’s all over with.” [Interview, Mesquite Citizen, 1/22/14]
  2. Hardy opposes commonsense measures that would prevent criminals and the mentally ill from getting guns. In a May 2014 interview with 8 News Now following the shooting at U.C. Santa Barbra, Cresent Hardy said, “I don't think the gun has killed anybody.” [KLAS-TV, 5/29/14]