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Feb 22, 2006

At Event in Connecticut, DCCC Chairman Rahm Emanuel and Chris Murphy Unveil Seniors’ Bill of Rights

DCCC Press

Feb 22, 2006

At Event in Connecticut, DCCC Chairman Rahm Emanuel and Chris Murphy Unveil Seniors' Bill of Rights

Chris Murphy Rolls Out Three Step Plan for Fixing Medicare Part D

$642,530 Amount of money Nancy Johnson, co-author of the Medicare Part D bill, has taken from Pharmaceutical companies

$82,250 Amount Nancy Johnson took from the Pharmaceutical industry in June of 2003 alone—during the 20 day time period when the Ways and Means Committee was considering the Medicare Part D bill.

#2 Nancy Johnson's ranking of all members of Congress in her acceptance of money from the drug industry since 1990.

522,403 Number of seniors on Medicare in Connecticut

23% According to a Kaiser Family Foundation Report released in February, only 23% of respondents had a favorable impression of the Medicare Drug Benefit.

(Hartford, CT) -- Today, Congressman Rahm Emanuel, Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, joined Connecticut congressional candidate and State Senator Chris Murphy in Hartford to unveil the Seniors' Bill of Rights. Emanuel and Murphy discussed how the Bush administration and Republicans in Congress have failed to take care of our nation's senior citizens and Chris Murphy laid out his plan for fixing Medicare Part D, the number one item on the Seniors' Bill of Rights.

"Chris Murphy will be a strong voice in Congress, leading on the critical issues that middle class families care most about --taking care of senior citizens." said DCCC Chairman Rahm Emanuel. "It is long past time that this district had a representative in Congress who stands up for Connecticut families instead of standing up for the special interests."

"I've fought for many of the issues identified in this 'Seniors' Bill of Rights' at the state level, and I am committed to continuing that work in Congress," Murphy said. "The most pressing of these issues is the failure of the Medicare Part D program, and today I am announcing my three-point plan to reform that broken program. Under my plan, we will be able to provide prescription drug coverage for all seniors in an understandable, comprehensive and cost-effective manner. Together we can make this program work."

The Seniors' Bill of Rights tackles crucial issues facing senior citizens including comprehensive prescription drug coverage, guaranteeing Social Security, cheaper home heating, safer nursing homes, affordable long term care and advances in prevention and treatment.

In addition to making a public commitment to each of the ten issues in the Bill of Rights, Murphy announced his three-point plan for reforming the Medicare Part D drug program. A copy of the plan is attached. Murphy's plan calls for empowering seniors to make their own decisions about the drug plan; controlling costs to ensure the continued viability of the program; and letting Medicare offer its own alternative to seniors.

The Seniors' Bill of Rights

As a member of Congress, Chris Murphy pledges to represent the interests of Connecticut seniors by fighting for:

Comprehensive Prescription Drug Coverage
Chris Murphy's first priority when he is elected to Congress will be fixing the deeply flawed Medicare drug program. He will introduce legislation that will take control of the program back from big business and ensure that seniors get the drugs they need in a simple, comprehensive, cost-effective program.

Guarantee of Social Security
Chris Murphy will fight to GUARANTEE Social Security benefits and will oppose any effort to put those benefits at risk through privatization schemes. As a member of Congress, Murphy will also fight any effort to increase the retirement age.

Heating and Energy Assistance
Chris Murphy is committed to providing adequate heating and energy assistance to Connecticut's seniors, putting the needs of seniors ahead of the profits of the big energy companies.

Advances in Prevention and Treatment
Chris Murphy will provide the resources needed to work toward better health for our seniors and find cures and treatments for diseases. He will continue to fight for funding of stem cell research, medical research programs and tax credits. He will also strengthen seniors' nutrition programs and other preventative efforts to keep seniors healthy, and will fight budget cuts to these vital programs.

Lower Cost Prescription Drugs
Chris Murphy will work to lower the cost of prescription drugs for Connecticut seniors. He supports a plan to allow re-importation of safe prescriptions from Canada, to give the government the right to negotiate for the best prices, and to provide better access to generic drugs.

Safer and More Secure Nursing Homes
Chris Murphy will defend the safety of seniors in nursing homes by supporting strict guidelines for care and penalties for violations that affect the health and safety of seniors in nursing homes.

Quality Care for Veterans
Chris Murphy believes that we must fulfill the promises we have made to the veterans who have served our country so bravely. He will oppose cuts to veterans' health care programs and will work to eliminate the tax on disabled veterans' benefits.

Secure Retirement
Chris Murphy will work to protect the pensions Connecticut families have worked for, and he will encourage additional retirement saving through targeted tax credits to workers and small businesses.

Protection from Fraud
Chris Murphy will work to protect seniors from fraud by supporting educational programs for seniors and stiffer sentences for criminals who prey on the elderly.

Affordable Long-Term Care
Chris Murphy will take action to ensure that long-term care is more affordable by offering targeted tax deductions that will help ensure that every senior gets the best care possible.