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Jul 17, 2005

BRITISH OPEN: Memories of DeLay’s and Ney’s High Times in St. Andrews Brought Back With Tournament T

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Jul 17, 2005

BRITISH OPEN: Memories of DeLay's and Ney's High Times in St. Andrews Brought Back With Tournament This Weekend

As the Best in Golf Flock to Great Britain, it’s Worth Remembering Who Else Has Teed Up at St. Andrews

Washington, D.C. -- This weekend, British Open golfers flock to Scotland’s St. Andrews golf course as Republicans in Congress continue to bogey more holes for the American people everyday. Republican Leader Tom DeLay and top crony Congressman Bob Ney are just two of the ethically challenged Republicans to take luxury golf vacations to St. Andrews while families in their districts are left wondering what happened to their Member of Congress.

“With the British Open this weekend, two names you won’t see atop the leader board are Tom DeLay and Bob Ney -- and I'm not just talking about thier historically low approval ratings,” said Bill Burton, communications director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “While they’ve both golfed at the expense of super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff at the luxurious St. Andrews golf resort, neither makes the cut when it comes to paying attention to the families they represent. Tiger Woods may have birdied 7 of his first 12 yesterday in Scotland, but thanks to these Republicans in Congress, the American people are the ones who are really in a hole.”

NEW Wall Street Journal Poll: By 55% to 28%, Americans disapprove of how Congress is doing its job… By 45% to 38%, Americans say they would prefer that the 2006 elections produce a Democratic-controlled Congress rather than a Republican-controlled Congress. [Wall Street Journal, 7/14/05]

DeLay Traveled to UK, Golfed at St. Andrews, Had Luxurious Accommodations. In May 2000, DeLay traveled to England and Scotland. According to Time Magazine, DeLay and his group had rooms at London's Four Seasons Hotel, dinners at the best restaurants in town and hard-to-get tickets for The Lion King. DeLay golfed at the legendary St. Andrews Golf Course, where Abramoff has a membership. Abramoff reportedly initially paid for several parts of DeLay’s trip, a violation of House rules. [Washington Post, 3/12/05; Washington Post, 4/24/05; Time, 4/25/05]

Abramoff and Ney Traveled to Scotland Together. Abramoff’s Foundation Paid for Chartered Jet. Jack Abramoff’s Capitol Athletic Foundation paid for the chartered jet that flew at least six people -- including Abramoff and Ney to St. Andrews, Scotland and London in August 2002. According to House rules, members of Congress are not allowed to receive trips that are paid for by lobbyists. [Washington Post, 9/28/04]