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Jul 06, 2005

DCCC, DNC Focus on Ethics in New Ad Campaign

DCCC Press

Jul 6, 2005

DCCC, DNC Focus on Ethics in New Ad Campaign

Today the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and Democratic National Committee Place Print Advertisements in Six Congressional Districts Across the Country

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Shining a light on Republican Members of Congress who have broken faith with their constituents through their questionable ethical conduct, today the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and Democratic National Committee placed print advertisements in newspapers in six congressional districts across the country.

The ads, which will run today, can be seen by residents of congressional districts currently represented by Republicans who have gone to Washington to work, but have left their values back at home.

The six congressional districts where ads will be run have been chosen because the Republican incumbents currently in Congress have neglected the issues most important to their constituents. They are:

California 11: Richard Pombo:

Pombo’s ties to lobbyists, conflicts of interest and alleged misuse of taxpayer dollars have cost his district dearly as he constantly sides with special interests over the families of California.

California 50: Duke Cunningham:

Cunningham sold his Southern California home at an enormous premium – site unseen -- directly to a defense contractor who was subsequently awarded millions in federal contracts by the House committee on which Cunningham serves. Conveniently, while in Washington, Cunningham has also been living comfortably on the enormous yacht of that same defense contractor.

Connecticut 02: Rob Simmons:

Simmons has a long record of protecting his party’s ethically-challenged leaders, including contributing to Tom DeLay’s legal fund. Simmons also took campaign funds from a contributor sued by the state for costing Connecticut $125 million in pension funds.

North Carolina 11: Charles Taylor:

Taylor has ties to shady Russian business partners and to close associates who have been the sent to jail over bank fraud and money laundering schemes.

Ohio 18: Bob Ney:

Ney’s close ties to “super” lobbyists, his expensive foreign trips to Europe to play golf and gamble in casinos, and his fight for Indian casinos are threatening the future of the House Administration Committee Chair.

Texas 22: Tom DeLay:

DeLay is the only Member of Congress to have been admonished three times by the House Ethics Committee, and lately he’s been in the news for his close ties to lobbyists, foreign golfing trips and questionable fundraising practices.

“Too many Republicans in Washington, D.C. have fought for too long for their special interests contributors and their ethically-challenged Republican leadership over the hard working middle-class families they were elected to represent,” said Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee executive director John Lapp. “As Americans decide what kind of representation they want in Washington, D.C., the ethical misconduct and the misplaced priorities of the Republican leadership is becoming an issue. The Members of Congress featured in these ads are representative of what is wrong with the Republican majority -- they talk a lot about values when they’re at home, but when they’re in Washington they seem to have left those values behind. Simply put -- the American people deserve better.”