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Jun 14, 2005

Rep. Langevin Continues Push for Stem Cell Bill Passage

DCCC Press

Jun 14, 2005

Rep. Langevin Continues Push for Stem Cell Bill Passage

Paralysis survivor and pro-life Democrat stresses support of vital medical research that Bush threatens to veto.

In an ongoing effort to push for federal action on potentially life-saving stem cell research, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) today reached out to hundreds of thousands of supporters through a message from spinal-cord injury survivor Rep. Jim Langevin [RI-02]. In his message, Langevin encourages pro-choice and pro-life Americans to help put pressure on their Senators to move forward on federal support for stem cell research. Last week, the DCCC launched a new web initiative to rally support for bipartisan stem cell legislation sponsored by Reps. Diana DeGette (D-Colo.) and Mike Castle (R-Del.) that passed by an overwhelming margin in the House. The bill is currently awaiting consideration and approval by the Senate, where Senator Sam Brownback (R-Kan.) has threatened to filibuster. President Bush has threatened to veto the bill if passed.

In his letter, Rep. Langevin, who is pro-life, told his story of how while serving as an Explorer Scout at the age of 16, he was accidentally shot in the spinal cord by an officer in a police locker room. As a result, Rep. Langevin has spent his life as a quadriplegic, an aspect he says that despite the many challenges he faces on a daily basis, has made him more passionate and motivated to "help create a culture that values and protects life from its beginning to its end."

In his message, Langevin writes, "To me, being pro-life also means fighting for policies that will eliminate pain and suffering and help people enjoy longer, healthier lives. And to me, support for embryonic stem cell research is entirely consistent with that position. What could be more life-affirming than using what otherwise would be discarded to save, extend and improve countless lives?"

The DCCC launched its stem cell initiative with an email appeal supporters across the country from Congresswoman Lois Capps [CA-23]. Capps called for a renewed push for the potentially life-saving research and asked for stories from real families across the country about why stem cell research is so important to them.

A recent poll shows that national, bipartisan support for stem cell research is overwhelming -- stem cell research has the support of 74% of all Americans, including 60% of Republicans [WSJ/Harris Interactive, 6/7/06].

In the coming weeks, the DCCC will continue its initiative, assisting supporters across the country in contacting their member of Congress and their local newspaper, to show their support for stem cell research.

To read stories from hundreds of stem cell supporters across the country, please visit our website.