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May 19, 2005

Special Interest “Star Wars” Fundraiser: GOP Looks to the Dark Side

DCCC Press

May 19, 2005

Special Interest "Star Wars" Fundraiser: GOP Looks to the Dark Side

Representatives Chocola (R-IN), Shimkus (R-IL) and Simmons (R-CT) to raise money tonight at "Star Wars" movie while their constituents are sold out for energy corporations.

Today, three Republicans Members of Congress are holding a Washington fundraiser for their re-election campaigns by selling tickets to the new "Star Wars" movie. In a telling signal of their allegiance, this Congressional Alliance is channeling the 'Dark Side' to bolster their campaign.

"The 'Star Wars' fundraiser may be fun for Washington donors, but to middle-class American families, it seems like along time ago in a galaxy far, far away that their interests were represented in Congress, " said Bill Burton, communications director of the DCCC. "American families deserve more than what they're getting from the Republicans in Congress. With gas prices so high and the GOP so disinterested in doing anything about it, tickets to 'Star Wars' won'tbe the only things that people are lining up for this summer."

Revenge of the Special Interests

As Washington special interests pay to watch the latest Star Wars movie, they'll see the creation of Darth Vader andthe burgeoning 'Dark Side.' Looking at the votes of these three Republicans, it's easy to see what side they're on:

Fuel for Their Millennium Falcon from Energy Corporations: $699,762 [Combined campaign donations from energycorporations,]

Votes for the Energy Corporations: Representatives Chocola, Shimkus and Simmons supported an $8 billion giveaway to energy corporations. According to independent analysts, the Energy Bill that passed last week included $8 billion in tax breaks, mostly for energy producers. [Vote # 132, 4/21/05; LA Times, 4/22/05]

Their Accomplishments in Congress that Have Brought Down Cost of Gas: None.