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Apr 15, 2005

DCCC launches powerful new informational tool on the Tom DeLay House of Scandal

DCCC Press

Apr 15, 2005

DCCC launches powerful new informational tool on the Tom DeLay House of Scandal

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Today, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) launched a powerful, new informational resource at a press conference with James Carville. The website, which can be found at, serves as a clearinghouse of information about the various scandals and charges leveled against Tom DeLay and his allies. The website shows the lines that connect the scandals that surround Tom DeLay and specifically documents the ways that Tom DeLay and his closest allies were able to depose the chairman of the House Ethics Committee, gut the House ethics rules to protect DeLay, and halt any meaningful action to put an end to the ethics cloud hanging over the Congress.

"This website serves as a comprehensive, searchable database of information where any concerned citizen can go to get the truth about Tom DeLay and his scandals. Every media story, every link and every money trail is here, in one place, in a complete appendix of information so anyone who is interested can connect the dots and learn more, " said Carville.

Key features of the website include:

  • House of Scandal Flash Web: An interactive web flash that draws the lines that connect Tom DeLay and his closest allies with the different ethics admonishments, scandals and the pay-for-play legislation they have promoted.
  • Tangle of Republican Members of Conference: In a comprehensive accounting, specifies how much money individual members of Congress have received from DeLay, how much money they have contributed to his legal defense fund, how often they have voted with DeLay and the special interests against the interests of middle class families, and how they voted on ethics rules passed in order to protect DeLay.
  • GOP Crony of the Week: The Crony of the Week is a Republican who has made a name for him or herself in their close connections with DeLay. The first honoree is Republican Rep. Rob Simmons from Connecticut who, despite the criticism recently leveled at DeLay from another Republican in the state, has refused to come forward and ask Tom DeLay to answer the questions created by the scandals swirling around him.
  • Even Simmons' district newspaper The Hartford Courant called on him this week in an editorial to step up to the plate and call for DeLay's ouster. "Like some House leaders before him, Mr. DeLay has grown recklessly audacious as he has accumulated power. His trips, ties to lobbyists and payments to relatives were bound to be scrutinized. He is becoming a liability to his party. Reps. Rob Simmons and Nancy Johnson of Connecticut should join their colleague Mr. Shays in demanding that the majority leader step down," they wrote.

    Simmons is also one of only two Republicans who gave personal funds to DeLay's legal fund.

  • Web Video: In a short video, "Meet DeLay, Inc." describes the people involved in the DeLay scandals, the political operatives they are connected to, and the ways they have put the special interests ahead of middle class interests.

"There are no new allegations or attacks on the website. That is not its purpose. Instead, it is designed to bring together all the information that has been reported across the nation, inform the American people of how their Member of Congress may be connected, and describe the implications of the DeLay agenda for themselves and their families, " Carville said. "After all, that is what is most important to understand about the 'DeLay Agenda' -- that it means middle class families across the country are being left behind by the Republican majority."