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Mar 10, 2005

Rep. Boustany Caught on Tape…

DCCC Press

Mar 10, 2005

Rep. Boustany Caught on Tape...

New website reveals Social Security campaign ad that may come back to haunt Charles Boustany.

The DCCC today unveiled a website showing GOP Rep. Charles Boustany caught on tape pledging to Louisianans he would not privatize Social Security or cut benefits. But in recent months Rep. Boustany has backtracked from that promise, acknowledging that he supports private Social Security accounts. Now President Bush is coming to Louisiana to campaign for his plan to privatize Social Security, and Rep. Boustany won't say where he stands on the issue of privatizing Social Security and cut guaranteed benefits.

Privatizing Social Security would drain revenue from Social Security and cut Social Security's guaranteed benefit to Boustany's Louisiana constituents. So after all the promises, and then after all the waffling, just where does Charles Boustany stand on this issue?

The DCCC has posted Rep. Boustany's campaign ad and a new Internet video highlighting his waffling on Social Security at:

"Charles Boustany is trying to have it both ways with his constituents on the issue of privatization, but with President Bush coming to Louisiana tomorrow, his time is running out," said DCCC Chairman Rahm Emanuel. "The facts are clear: Rep. Boustany made a solemn promise to Louisianans that he would always work to protect Social Security benefits, but now he is waffling. Just two months into his first term, where did those campaign promises go? Louisiana opposes privatization and a cut in Social Security benefits, and they are counting on Boustany to oppose it as well."

Boustany Against Privatization:

Rep. Boustany campaigned last year saying he opposed the privatization of Social Security and that he had four requirements of any package that would change the Social Security program: no privatization, no raising retirement age, no cuts in benefits and no raising payroll taxes. "It has to stick to the four principles, " Boustany said. [Boustany in The Advocate (Baton Rouge), 11/17/04]

Boustany For Privatization:

But now Rep. Boustany is waffling, admitting to favoring private Social Security accounts but still claiming to oppose privatization. Just last month, the Daily Advertiser reported that Boustany said private accounts for Social Security "appeal greatly to me." [The Daily Advertiser, 2/3/05].

Boustany Backtracks from his Promise:

If Louisianans are confused by slippery statements like that, they can't be blamed -- Charles Boustany has a record of making promises to his constituents and then backtracking from those promises:

Boustany weakened his pledge to protect Social Security, and continued to support private accounts. Boustany waffled on his firmly laid out four requirements for Social Security reform, Boustany said, "I'm going to stick to those four ideas for right now." While Boustany continues to say he opposes privatization, he still affirms his support for private accounts. Boustany said, "I like the idea of having personal accounts. But I am not in favor of jeopardizing the system to have personal accounts." [Lafayette Daily Advertiser, 3/6/05]

Charles Boustany is backtracking on his Social Security promise, caving to his national party and putting partisan politics before the Louisiana constituents who believed his campaign pledge and now are counting on him.