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Mar 07, 2005

2 Months in Office, 1 Major Promise Broken

DCCC Press

Mar 7, 2005

2 Months in Office, 1 Major Promise Broken

Rep. Fitzpatrick breaks pledge not to privatize Social Security.

It didn't take much time in Washington for Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick to break the Social Security pledge he made to Pennsylvanians.

Fitzpatrick recently came out in favor of private accounts for Social Security, despite the fact he said he opposed privatization during the campaign. Fitzpatrick even tried to use word games to explain his broken promise, but couldn't name a distinction between the Social Security privatization plan he supports now and what he told Pennsylvania voters he opposed during the campaign:

"On Social Security, Fitzpatrick favors private savings accounts, saying the system needs to be better secured... That's a different stance from the one Fitzpatrick took during his election, when he came out against privatization. Fitzpatrick insists there's a distinction between privatization (or partial privatization) and the proposed savings accounts, and that he hasn't broken campaign promises. He couldn't name the distinction." [Philadelphia Intelligencer, 02/22/05]

Fitzpatrick is backing the Bush/DeLay privatization plan despite the fact he admitted that "a clear majority seem to be opposed" to private accounts in his district. [Philadelphia Inquirer, 2/24/05]

"Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick now holds the new record for breaking a Social Security campaign pledge. He's only been in office two months, but has already taken two completely different positions on privatizing Social Security and cutting benefits," said DCCC Chairman Rahm Emanuel. "Fitzpatrick's support for President Bush's privatization scheme not only breaks his own promise, but he admits that it goes against the majority of his constituents in Bucks and Montgomery counties. The question for his constituents is who Congressman Fitzpatrick really represents."