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Mar 01, 2005

Rep. Brown-Waite Caught on Tape…

DCCC Press

Mar 1, 2005

Rep. Brown-Waite Caught on Tape...

New website reveals Social Security campaign ad that may come back to haunt Ginny Brown-Waite.

The DCCC today unveiled a website showing GOP Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite caught on tape pledging to Floridians she would not privatize Social Security or cut benefits. But in recent months Rep. Brown-Waite has backtracked from her promise, saying that she is "undecided" about privatization, and attacking Social Security as a "Ponzi Scheme."

Incredibly, Rep. Brown-Waite says she remains undecided on the issue of privatization, even though private accounts would drain revenue from Social Security and cut Social Security's guaranteed benefit to Floridians.

The DCCC has posted Rep. Brown-Waite's campaign ad and a new Internet video highlighting her Social Security flip-flop here.

Brown-Waite Ad: "Ginny Brown-Waite will protect Social Security. NO cuts in benefits, NO increase in the retirement age, and NO increase in taxes. Ginny Brown-Waite will make sure seniors get the benefits they've earned. Every senior, every benefit."

But here's what Ginny Brown-Waite's been saying when the cameras are off...

In 2004, Brown-Waite told the National Taxpayers Union she was "Undecided" on the issue of Social Security privatization. In 2004, Brown-Waite backtracked on her promise to protect Social Security benefits and told the National Taxpayers Union she was "undecided" when it came to the privatization of Social Security. On the 2004 NTU candidate survey Brown-Waite said she was undecided about whether she would "work and vote for a system of Social Security Choice that will allow younger workers to have the choice of investing much of their Social Security taxes in regulated individual retirement accounts." [2004 Candidate Survey, National Taxpayers Union]

Brown-Waite says she is "withholding judgment" about President Bush's plan to cut benefits and privatize Social Security. Brown-Waite: "I am still in the withholding judgment category." [Associated Press, 02/03/05]

Brown-Waite attacks our Social Security system. Just days ago, Brown-Waite actually attacked the Social Security system that tens of thousands of seniors in her district depend upon. Brown-Waite: "That kind of system is not sustainable. It's a Ponzi Scheme." [USA Today, 02/10/05]

"Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite says one thing in campaign ads, but something very different in Washington, DC," said DCCC Chairman Rahm Emanuel. "Rep. Brown-Waite made a solemn promise to Floridians that she would always work to protect Social Security benefits, but now we see that she is a lot more talk than action."

Just the facts...

Ginny Brown-Waite made a solemn promise to Floridians in 2002 that she would protect Social Security. Now she claims she can't decide quite where she stands on the issue of protecting Social Security benefits.

Ginny Brown-Waite is backtracking on her promise, caving to her national party and putting partisan politics before the Florida constituents who believed her campaign promises, and are counting on her.

The reality is, ANY Privatization Plan Would Weaken Social Security & CUT Guaranteed Benefits. Under Bush's Social Security privatization plan, the cost would be at least $2 trillion in the next 10 years, cutting the system's lifespan in half to pay for it. In addition, the White House plan would cut benefits by 25 to 45 percent whether or not a worker picks the "voluntary" private accounts. This benefit reduction would also apparently apply to people with serious disabilities who receive Social Security benefits and to orphans, widows and any other recipients of Social Security survivors' benefits. [Economic Report of the President 2004; Contributions to Economic Analysis & Policy, Volume 1, Issue 1, 2002; Washington Post, 1/4/05; Congressional Budget Office; CBPP, 1/28/05]