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Feb 23, 2005

Rep. Porter Caught on Tape…

DCCC Press

Feb 23, 2005

Rep. Porter Caught on Tape...

Website reveals Social Security campaign ad that may come back to haunt Jon Porter.

The DCCC today unveiled a website showing GOP Rep. Jon Porter caught on tape pledging not to privatize Social Security or cut benefits. But Rep. Porter has undercut that pledge by telling others that he supports private accounts that would drain revenue from Social Security and cut Social Security's guaranteed benefit.

The DCCC has posted Rep. Porter's campaign ad and a new Internet video highlighting his Social Security flip-flop at

Porter Ad: "Jon Porter opposes privatizing Social Security, won't raise taxes or cut benefits, and refuses to raise the retirement age."

But here's what Porter's been saying when the camera's off...

In 2002, Porter told the National Taxpayers Union He WILL Vote for Mandatory Privatization. On the 2002 NTU candidate survey Porter indicated that he agreed with the following statement. "I recognize that Social Security will default on its obligations to future retirees unless fundamental reforms are made. Therefore, I will work and vote for a gradual transition to a system that creates obligatory personally-controlled retirement accounts with reasonable safeguards, reduces payroll taxes in order to encourage private saving, provides a modest tax-funded program for low-income seniors, and protects the basic benefits promised to current retirees and those who will retire in the next decade." [2002 Candidate Survey, National Taxpayers Union]

In 2004, Porter Said Personal Retirement Accounts Are an Option. Porter: "A personal savings account is an option and something that we'll probably start some debate on this year." [Las Vegas Review-Journal, 10/29/04]

Just the facts...

Any Privatization Plan Would Weaken Social Security & CUT Guaranteed Benefits. Under Bush's Social Security privatization plan, the cost would be at least $2 trillion in the next 10 years, cutting the system's lifespan in half to pay for it. In addition, the White House plan would cut benefits by 25 to 45 percent whether or not a worker picks the "voluntary" private accounts (Porter has pledged that such accounts shouldn't even be voluntary). This benefit reduction would also apparently apply to people with serious disabilities who receive Social Security benefits and to orphans, widows and any other recipients of Social Security survivors' benefits. [Economic Report of the President 2004; Contributions to Economic Analysis & Policy, Volume 1, Issue 1, 2002; Washington Post, 1/4/05; Congressional Budget Office; CBPP, 1/28/05;]

"Porter has two completely inconsistent positions on Social Security privatization - the pledge he made to Nevadans in a political commercial is completely at odds with the position he's taken when the camera is off. Rep. Porter will have to answer to his betrayed constituents if he goes back on his pledge not to privatize or cut Social Security benefits," said DCCC Chairman Rahm Emanuel.