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Feb 04, 2005

Bob Beauprez’s Moment of Truth

DCCC Press

Feb 4, 2005

Bob Beauprez's Moment of Truth

Beauprez has two opinions about Social Security privatization... it's time for him to pick one.

Rep. Bob Beauprez has tried to have it both ways on the issue of Social Security privatization, but with the issue front and center after the State of the Union, his moment of truth has arrived.

In fact, Beauprez has taken two completely opposite positions on privatization in the past year:

FLIP... On Rep. Beauprez's website it says he supports "personal retirement accounts" to provide for Social Security's viability.

"I am very interested in exploring the idea of personal retirement accounts and believe they may hold the answer to the long-term viability of Social Security. These accounts would allow the worker to invest a portion of his or her retirement money in safe investments where the principal is secure and often federally insured." [, 1/14/05]

FLOP... In 2004 Beauprez gave the AARP a different answer. He specifically responded "no privatization" in the AARP's 2004 candidate questionnaire BUT Beauprez refused to indicate whether or not he "supports creating private individual accounts out of Social Security." [AARP]

"This is the moment of truth for Bob Beauprez on Social Security -- he's tried to have it both ways on privatization and benefits cuts. Beauprez can't claim to be opposed to privatization and back a plan that diverts trillions from Social Security's trust fund and sends it to Wall Street," said DCCC Chairman Rahm Emanuel.