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Feb 02, 2005

Foley: Social Security Benefit Cuts & Age Increase Are “On the Table”

DCCC Press

Feb 2, 2005

Foley: Social Security Benefit Cuts & Age Increase Are "On the Table"

On CNN, Mark Foley supports benefit cuts, increase in retirement age; Foley's district has 5th most Social Security recipients in U.S.

GOP Rep. Mark Foley (FL-16) yesterday clearly stated support for cutting Social Security's guaranteed benefits and raising the retirement age by five years. Foley made the comments on CNN's Crossfire. Here is the transcript:

CNN's BEGALA: Do you pledge now to your constituents to oppose any effort by George W. Bush to reduce Social Security benefits today or in the future?


BEGALA: You want to cut benefits?

FOLEY: We have to look at everything. Everything must be on the table. We will not save Social Security if we tinker around the edges. Now, it may involve cutting benefits for people 20 years old today when they retire at 72, maybe not 68 or 67. It may include raising the cap from 90 to some other number. [CNN]

"Mark Foley's support for cutting Social Security benefits and raising the retirement age will come as a shock to the large senior population he represents who are counting on him protect Social Security for themselves and their grandchildren, " said DCCC Chairman Rahm Emanuel (IL). "How can Foley defend his votes for trillions of dollars in special interest tax breaks while ending Social Security's guaranteed benefit and raising the retirement age?"

Florida's 16th Congressional District, which Foley currently represents, has 178,715 Social Security recipients -- the 5th most of any district. [;]