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Jan 31, 2005

Will the Real Rick Renzi Please Stand Up?

DCCC Press

Jan 31, 2005

Will the Real Rick Renzi Please Stand Up?

Renzi gives TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT positions on Social Security privatization; will Renzi finally say where he REALLY stands during the State of the Union?

Rep. Rick Renzi has tried to have it both ways on the issue of Social Security privatization. In fact, Renzi has taken two completely opposite positions on the issue.

FLIP... Renzi told the National Taxpayers Union in 2002 that he SUPPORTED privatizing Social Security. Renzi responded:

"...I will work and vote for a gradual transition to a system that creates obligatory personally-controlled retirement accounts with reasonable safeguards, reduces payroll taxes in order to encourage private saving, provides a modest tax-funded program for low-income seniors, and protects the basic benefits promised to current retirees and those who will retire in the next decade." []

FLOP... Renzi gave the AARP a completely different answer. He claimed he OPPOSED privatization in the AARP's 2004 candidate questionnaire. Renzi responded:

"I do not support private accounts under Social Security." [AARP]

This week, with Social Security in the spotlight during the President's State of the Union address, Renzi will have to say where he REALLY stands on privatization.

"Rick Renzi has had two completely different positions on Social Security privatization, but now it's time for Renzi to finally tell Northern Arizona seniors where he really stands, " said DCCC Chairman Rahm Emanuel (IL). "On Wednesday at the State of the Union will Renzi stand and applaud when the President calls for ending Social Security's guaranteed benefit, borrowing over $2 trillion in new debt over ten years and enriching Wall Street brokers?"