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Jan 12, 2005

Simmons on Social Security: “I’ll be Dead by Then”

DCCC Press

Jan 12, 2005

Simmons on Social Security: "I'll be Dead by Then"

Rep. Simmons not worried about 92 million Americans' Social Security.

Don't bother asking GOP Rep. Rob Simmons about the future of Connecticut workers' Social Security. "When does the program go belly up? 2042. I will be dead by then, " said Simmons. [Washington Post, 1/11/05, "In GOP, Resistancte on Social Security, "] Social Security's Trustees have estimated that 92.4 million Americans will receive benefits in 2042. []

Simmons' cavalier attitude may explain why he has completely flipped his position on Social Security. In 2001, he wrote to President Bush's Social Security Commission urging them to privatize Social Security. Simmons also voted to implement their privatization proposal. Now, as the Bush Administration begins its campaign to privatize Social Security and cut benefits, Simmons is campaigning to hide his record supporting privatization. ["DeMint Letter" to The Social Security Reform Commission, 5/24/01; HR 2590, Roll Call #273, 7/25/01]

"Eastern Connecticut workers will depend on Social Security for decades to come, but they can't rely on Rob Simmons. Simmons actually said he isn't worried about Social Security's future because he'll 'be dead by then,'" said DCCC Chairman Rahm Emanuel (IL). "All of us are fortunate that those who created Social Security and Medicare did not have the same attitude Congressman Simmons has shown. They understood their duty to help secure our seniors' retirement and health care. It is unfortunate that Congressman Simmons does not understand the responsibility he has to America's future and the responsibility that his office carries."