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Jun 27, 2014

10 Questions for Dan Innis

Dan Innis’s special interest allies took to the airwaves last week with a barrage of television advertisements touting the reasons why he’s their favorite candidate. While Dan Innis has chosen to rely on a Wall Street funded Super PAC, New Hampshire voters have many questions Dan Innis still won’t answer.

“Dan Innis would rather have Wall Street financiers do his bidding than come clean with New Hampshire voters about his out of touch agenda,” said Marc Brumer of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “The only thing voters know about Dan Innis is what a special interest Super PAC has told them. Dan Innis doesn’t want to speak for himself because he knows New Hampshire voters will reject his plan to stack the deck in favor of millionaires and big business by shifting the burden onto hard working middle class families and seniors.”

Here Are 10 Questions Dan Innis Should Come Clean and Answer Himself:

  1. Would you vote for the House Republican Budget that would stack the deck for the special interests and the ultra-wealthy by shifting the burden onto the middle class and seniors?
  2. Should corporations who ship jobs overseas continue to get huge tax breaks?
  3. Would you vote to shut down the government while protecting Congressional perks like taxpayer funded healthcare for life?
  4. Do you think earning $7.25 per hour is enough to support a family and achieve the American dream?
  5. Would you turn your back on the unemployed and refuse to vote for long term unemployment insurance?
  6. While on leave from UNH, are you continuing to receive any special perks, like subsidized healthcare?
  7. Do you think guns should continue to be sold to criminals and the mentally ill without a background check?
  8. Do you believe we should roll back regulations on Wall Street and let them write their own rules again?
  9. Do you believe women should continue to get shortchanged and paid less than men for doing the same work?
  10.  Should we break our promise to seniors by ending the Medicare Guarantee?



Wealthy Businessman Peter T. Paul Created a SuperPAC with $500,000 to Support Innis. In February 2014, WMUR reported that wealthy businessman Peter T. Paul created NH Priorities PAC and funded it with $500,000. “Dan Innis is the first of several endorsements NH Priorities will be making,” Paul said. [WMUR, 2/24/14]

NH Priorities PAC Has Spent $226,476 Supporting Innis. As of their most recent 48 hour report, filed on 6/20/14, New Hampshire Priorities had spent $226,476.34 supporting Innis. [, 48 hour report filed 6/20/14]

…Including Nearly $150,000 in TV Ads. In June 2014, NH Priorities spent $149,914.96 producing and airing a TV ad supporting Innis. Paul said that the point of the ad was to help voters in the district get to know Innis. [, 48 hour report filed6/20/14; WMUR, 6/19/14]